Vaccines covid Pfizer and Moderna, “effective 3 years against serious disease”

The mRNA vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, protect adults from serious Covid courses for a period of up to three years, while for about 16 months their effectiveness allows you to avoid even mild cases of disease caused by the coronavirus. This is supported by the scientific task force of the Swiss Confederation, in a document published today. Vaccination with two doses of an mRNA vaccine, such as those from Pfizer / Biontech or Moderna, leads to immune system responses that are two to four times greater than after infection, the same source still claims. In people under 75 years of age, there is 50% protection against mild illness for 16 months and 80% protection against severe illness for three years. For older people, the task force estimates that the duration of protection is shorter: 7 to 10 months (mild course) and 15 to 24 months (severe course). proceed with vaccination calls – the experts specify – as well as to calculate the duration of Covid certificates. According to the scientists, the issue is somewhat different when it comes to vaccination protection against the Delta variant of the virus, which requires five times more antibodies than the normal version of the virus.

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