Green Pass, from Codacons urgent warning to Draghi: “Unequal treatment”

Codacons has presented an urgent warning regarding the Green Pass to the President of the Draghi Council and to the Ministers of Economy and Technological Innovation. According to Adnkronos, the document asks “to modify the Dpcm of 17.06 us on green certification, eliminating any profile of injustice and unequal treatment between vaccinated and non-vaccinated Italian citizens and between Italian and European citizens, no later than 01.07. .2021, the day on which the vaccination pass is expected to come into force and become operational “. At the basis of the association’s request “the disparities in treatment among citizens who intend to apply for the green pass. Those who are not vaccinated or are not cured of Covid, can obtain certification following a negative outcome of the molecular or antigenic swab: for the first two categories of people the certification is free. For those who have to obtain it following the molecular or rapid negative swab, it is paid (about 22.00 euros for rapid tests; from 70.00 to 100.00 € for molecular tests) “. Furthermore, the purpose of the provision, namely the reopening, encouraging travel, tourism, and the economy in general” is contradictory with respect to the conclusions and final effects of the provision itself: it reopens free for inoculated and recovered and paid for those who cannot undergo vaccination for health reasons, or because there is no data (pregnant women) or simply because they freely and legitimately choose not to undergo to experimental gene therapy “, explains the association. The Dpcm therefore” is vitiated by manifest injustice that derives from the illogicality and contradiction between the purposes of the reopening decree (presupposed act) and the effects and which derive from the application of the Dpcm of 17 June us, which result in an inadmissible difference in treatment. It is in fact manifestly unfair that a citizen, to move or participate in events, weddings and ceremonies, must pay 22.00 euros each time (minimum) and the inoculated and the cured person do not, for which the possibility is not excluded. to get sick again and infect third parties, so much so that the Dpcm itself provides for the revocation of the vaccination pass in the event that the infection arises again to those who have been vaccinated and cured “. The provisions of the dpcm on the green pass” provide as possible such a scenario, precisely by providing for the immediate revocation of the pass “, underlines the Codacons, which concludes with a comparison with other countries:” In other European countries, such as Denmark, all the tampons required for certification green are free “.

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