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Covid Naples, De Luca: “With the Delta variant we risk a new closure”


Delta variant, outbreaks in Campania and possible closures in Campania. The Governor of the Region Vincenzo De Luca does not exclude them, considering that “those who have only taken the first dose are not protected from the Delta variant” and that hundreds of thousands of citizens who have not joined or pretend not to to understand”. “We therefore realize that a new heavy closure is being prepared, in Naples and perhaps in other territories of the Region” he announces. “If we have rigor and a sense of responsibility – added De Luca – we will have the possibility to open everything forever.” If we are irresponsible we will pretend to reopen and do a bit of demagoguery for a month, but then we will have a problem dramatic in autumn. Let it be said today so that everyone is aware of their choices and the risks that he runs and that he makes his family run “.” If the vaccination campaign in Naples continues like this, we will go towards a new lockdown within a few months “.” I data from which we must start are very simple – added De Luca – 59% of citizens are vaccinated on the total residents. As for the Asl Napoli 1, yesterday among the many citizens who were summoned for the second dose, or even for the first dose, a very limited number of citizens showed up. To date, out of 839 thousand resident and vaccinable citizens, there are 317 thousand non-members. It is not a sustainable fact. This figure means going even-for-all towards the lockdown after September. It is good to speak clearly so everyone assumes his responsibilities “. Vaccination campaign” In July we will have a very heavy reduction in the deliveries of vaccines to the Regions. An attitude of minimization and to some extent concealment of reality continues on the part of the Government and the Commissioner at Covid. “” The reality – added De Luca during a live Facebook – is heavy: hundreds will arrive in the Regions in July thousands of fewer doses of vaccine. The Regions will be in a position to hardly be able to do any first vaccinations and will have to focus on boosters in relation to vaccinations made in the previous months. This is the real reality that is not communicated to Italian citizens, continuing in an attitude of disastrous communication that has resulted in a relaxation by millions of Italian citizens, which is absolutely wrong “. Whirlpool” I want to express my full solidarity with the workers of Whirlpool. It is not tolerable that hires are made in other parts of Italy and workers are fired in Naples. “” The game – added De Luca – is in the hands of the national government, which I urge you to put all the necessary pressure on. We, in addition to making other resources available for the company if it decides to stay in Naples, cannot do “. Homophobia” The Zan law must be approved, in the unreserved affirmation of the secular state of the state, but I nevertheless hope that it will can open a phase of listening and dialogue avoiding taking ideological positions “.” I think I can detect – added De Luca – that on this issue there have been ideological positions on all sides. These are issues that deserve a great deal of attention. What we must defend with our teeth is the goal of defeating any attitude of homophobia and violence, of aggression against people for their diversity or for their opinion, or for their sexual orientation. It is not possible to mediate on this. But I believe that there are the conditions to have some clarification to arrive without ideologisms at a result that is indispensable for the protection of every woman or man in our community “. Traffic in Naples” I undertake to definitively solve the problem of traffic in Naples “. The president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca said.” We will work to have a regional transport company – explained De Luca – able to tackle the problem of transport in the city of Naples and in the metropolitan city. We can’t really hold up in these conditions. The Region must undertake this commitment for Naples, I undertake this commitment to definitively solve the traffic problem also by creating a large regional transport company, investing the necessary resources and obviously guaranteeing the work for the thousands of Anm workers, Ctp and so on. When we make a commitment and give the floor, this word will be kept, whatever the cost “Ravello Festival” There has been a ramshackle controversy in relation to Ravello where a case has been mounted on nothing and with respect to which politics does not c ‘Nothing enters. ”De Luca, who dedicated a passage of his Friday live broadcast to the controversies that arose following the stop in the presence of the writer Roberto Saviano at the Ravello Festival, with the consequent resignation of the president of the Foundation, said writer Antonio Scurati. “The most embarrassing thing was this – explained De Luca – there was a difference of opinion between the board of directors and the board of directors of the Foundation with respect to the president of the Foundation. This is the fact, politics has nothing to do with it. It was a diversity of opinions of the governing bodies of the Foundation who wanted to point out the difference between a music festival and a hustler, they are two completely different things “. De Luca has he also explained that he found “embarrassing some comments from some politicians, who in my opinion would do well before opening their mouths to inquire, and would do better to show respect for the governing bodies of a Foundation for the members of those bodies. But since I have no time to waste – he added – I will stop here, I will have the opportunity to speak in a detailed and meticulous way of this story in which there were no Martyrs of Belfiore, but small characters. “De Luca also quoted, in a previous passage of his speech, the ‘Salerno literature’ festival in progress in his city, Salerno: “It is having a great success, we have the presence of personalities of great national and international importance.” Yesterday the “Salerno literature” festival was mentioned by Roberto Saviano who, in a video posted on Twitter with which he returned to the controversy that arose regarding his participation in the Ravello Festival, reported, in the program of ‘Salerno literature’, the presence of Roberto De Luca, former councilor of the Municipality of Salerno and son of the Campanian governor Vincenzo De Luca.



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