Delta variant, Locatelli: “Possible closures in areas with high diffusion”

Close where is the Delta variant particularly popular? “Yes, it is the flexibility of the system”. Franco Locatelli, Coordinator of the CTS and President of the Superior Health Council, thus responds to Sky TG24 Live In Florence on any measures to be taken to counter the Delta variant of the coronavirus, more contagious than the English variant and therefore potentially more harmful. “At the moment the country is a white zone but woe to let our guard down: we are in a more favorable situation and we can now evaluate different numbers than in the past. But the problem is not overcome”, he says. Any closures fall within the “flexibility of the system, the same that we adopted for example for the areas of Umbria when there was the Brazilian variant”. “It is important to work more intensively on tracing and genotyping and sequencing approaches because only in this way will we be able to accurately intercept any important diffusion signals of the Indian variant”, the Delta, of Sars-CoV-2. “We are in line with the European average” on sequencing, “there are countries like the United Kingdom that have a more intense activity but it is important that” this activity in Italy “be followed by any decisions. they can make decisions to try to contain everything. Because if sequencing does not happen, it becomes a beautiful academic exercise, but with little impact on public health. We must trace and reflect on where clusters should be created “.

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