Indoor masks, Hope: “This is not the time to talk about it”

This is no time to talk about indoor masks. To make it clear is the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, at the SkyTg24 Live In Florence event. “We started a very gradual path from April 26, taking one step at a time without precipitating stages that would have made us pay a price. About a month has passed and we can say that the numbers have proved us right” said Speranza. But “this is not the time to open a discussion on indoor masks”. “The only country that did so – continued the minister referring to the elimination of the obligation to wear masks indoors – was Israel, but in these hours there is an ongoing debate in that country and probably the obligation to wear masks indoors. I believe that we need to verify the impact of the variants. Vaccinations go on, our numbers are encouraging and there has been a significant acceleration in Europe and Italy is one of the countries that he is vaccinating more. But we have the unknown variants “that must be taken into consideration. “We have carried out our own verification, the data of which will be made public in the coming days by the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), which will allow us to understand exactly what is the incidence of the Delta variant as well as all the others in our country – Speranza said – The last survey gave a low response, of 1%. But we have an expectation of a significantly higher figure because it is evident that, as the European Ecdc Agency tells us, this variant is faster in spread and therefore it will become much more present in an average time and the forecast is that it will soon become prevalent and will take the place of the Alpha variant “. “I think it is right to follow with the utmost attention” the Delta variant and the others in Italy, “not being worried would be wrong, we must necessarily be in the face of this pitfall. But we have enhanced the sequencing and we will continue to do so and then this must lead us to keep that attitude of prudence “, continued the minister, recalling the words of Draghi and Merkel:” We are still in a challenge. We have an obligation to tell the truth. It is not over “. But “it’s better than before. For a Minister of Health, having almost 4 thousand people in intensive care for Covid was a dramatic thing. Today when I say that we are just above 320 it means that we have better numbers, but that’s not all. challenge still open and one of the unknowns comes from the variants “.

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