Delta variant, Locatelli: “One dose of vaccine is not enough”

“A single dose of vaccine does not adequately cover. The Delta variant, also known as the Indian variant, raises concerns because it is characterized by greater contagiousness and because it can cause pathology, even significant, in unvaccinated subjects or those who have received only one dose”. Professor Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS and president of the Superior Health Council, thus answers the questions on the Delta variant, considered more contagious, at Sky TG24 Live In Florence. “It is important to progress as fast as possible with the vaccination campaign. A single dose of vaccine does not cover adequately, the vaccination cycle must be completed to be able to obtain protection from both serious and fatal disease”, he adds. Read also “The data of the flash survey will be available next Monday, but we have the data of Lombardy where one sixth of the Italian population resides and where the incidence of the” Delta variant “is 4%. the country is reasonably in excess, even if the risk of spread should not be underestimated. The ECDC “, European center for disease control and prevention,” also said that it is foreseeable that in Europe at the beginning of August there could be a 70% “of cases from this variant. For the expert, sequencing is needed. “And according to what will be the evidence that we will have from the sequencing and genotyping activities, decisions can be made to try to contain everything. Therefore, tracing, and also reflecting, clusters in which there is a particular diffusion “, perhaps acting with red zones located in those areas. Vaccination chapter:” We have very important numbers. Just this morning the ECDC “, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control,” reported 63% of the population over the 18 years who received at least one dose and 38% who completed the vaccination course “. “The evolutionary line” of the epidemic “is decidedly favorable – he stressed – both in terms of the spread of viral circulation and in terms of the ability to reach the citizens of the country with the various vaccines”.

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