Green pass, Privacy Guarantor: “Both as a green light”

” When we talk about the green pass we have to frame the problem in a broader way, in the sense that the guarantor for privacy, which I represent, tries to combine individual needs, namely fundamental rights, sensitive data, especially health data , with the collective needs. And then the green pass is an indispensable tool. We are in favor, we have never opposed its introduction, the problem is to see how to pose it, so that it does not aggravate the person and the data of the person. The green pass must be a sort of traffic light, a green light, which however does not enter the knowledge of the person who must be checked, that is to say whether he is vaccinated or cured ”. Thus the guarantor for the protection of personal data Pasquale Stanzione, interviewed by the director of Adnkronos Gian Marco Chiocci, during ‘Link’s Talk’ at Link University in Rome. Another essential aspect concerning the green pass, explains Stanzione, ” concerns its use on a national regulatory basis, so that it cannot be the individual Regions with the variations, and therefore the differentiation of treatment, that provide for a passport. There is a problem of respecting the principle of equal treatment, of equality between people who circulate within the national territory. This is why central state intervention on the green pass is essential. ” As for the European green pass, Stanzione underlines: ” The European green pass has been approved by the European Parliament and enters into force on 1 July. It allows us to move to various European countries while the Italian one is intranational ”. To go to non-EU countries, he adds, ” we have to see what legislation other countries impose on this because they may not recognize it and perhaps impose quarantines ”. COVID – ” Privacy must not be seen as an obstacle but as an accompaniment to the person, when it comes to undermining those data that are fragments of our freedom. Already Hobbes when he spoke of the state emphasized that private individuals in a certain sense delegated a part of their freedom to establish democracy. There is a difference between a personalist state, as our Constitution says, which is the Italian one but also the European ones, and vice versa authoritarian state, in which the compression of freedom and the discourse of privacy do not arise, as the individual it is totally in the hands of the authoritarian state. We must balance the freedom of the person with democracy and therefore make sure that neither the right to health but not even the right to privacy are tyrannical rights. The problem is to balance them, which has happened in this pandemic, ” says Stanzione. ” We have temporary limitations, the mask, the distancing, the fact of not being able to leave the house, which the pandemic justifies and needs precisely in the name of the transience and exceptionality of the situation ”, he specifies.

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