Mental health, Mattarella: “Italy was a pioneer”

“I would like to extend a heartfelt greeting to the second national mental health conference, held by the Ministry of Health twenty years after the first edition: it offers the opportunity to reflect on the related pathologies. Italy has been a pioneer in this matter by laying the foundations for overcoming of limits and barriers in the protection of people with mental illnesses. The treatment of mental illness constitutes a complex challenge and requires that the most vulnerable are followed and protected in accordance with constitutional rights “. This is the message of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, sent to the second National Conference for mental health that opens today in Rome. “Attention must be paid to families who, with sacrifice and dedication, make up for the structural limits of a system that even the pandemic has contributed to further strain. The task of the institutions is to take every action to promote solidarity with of the weakest, removing the obstacles to the integration and growth of personality in civil society, guaranteeing respect for the dignity of the sick – underlines Mattarella – In renewing the appreciation for the initiative and for the daily commitment at the service of the most vulnerable . I wish you a good job “. THE INTERVENTION OF HOPE “Mental health is a goal that concerns us all: there is no health without mental health and without mental health there is neither recovery nor resilience. Mental health policies are an important part of the necessary actions to counter the pandemic and promote economic and social development “highlighted the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, in his speech at the opening of the works.” I reiterate my commitment – added Speranza – to promote and relaunch local assistance for mental health, taking the community as a fundamental frame of reference, protecting the human rights and dignity of people with mental suffering, promoting inclusive and participatory care, improving the quality and safety of services for patients and operators. the intent – he added – to promote an important cultural and organizational change, starting with the reinvigoration of the ministerial structure that deals with mental health, proceeding with actions both related to the emergency situation and of a structural nature “.” In these days we are negotiating the use of structural funds that could be destined for mental health in the 7 Southern Regions with specific projects and interventions and a strong national intervention in support of the less equipped realities “then announced the Minister of Health. Underlining the need for “a greater endowment of resources” and the “dissemination of good practices” on this front, Speranza explained that “we can work with the Regions and autonomous provinces on at least two possible sources of funding: share of the 21 bound to the pursuit of the objectives of a priority nature and of national importance and the funds pursuant to article 20 for healthcare construction “.” In recent days, the Cabinet of the Ministry of Health forwarded the draft document and the draft agreement to the State-Regions Conference for overcoming mechanical restraint in mental health care places, discussed and approved by the technical table for mental health. It is an important measure, of great ethical value, which responds to the numerous requests and recommendations of various bodies and institutions, such as the Bioethics Committee “said the Minister of Health. “We too recognize the international goal of promoting the definite overcoming of these practices in all areas of mental health within the three-year period 2021-2023”, underlined Speranza, reiterating that “mental health is a priority for the action of our Government “.” The Consultative Committee intervened yesterday on the Rems with ordinance number 131 aimed at acquiring specific information indispensable for the decision. On the Rems we are working with the Minister Cartabia, the Regions and the autonomous provinces, and we will immediately follow up on the observations of the Consulta starting from the establishment of the Monitoring Observatory for which we are awaiting the appointment of the representatives of the Regions “underlined Speranza. THE POPE’S MESSAGE” Promote the complete overcoming of the stigma with which mental health has often been marked and in general to make the culture of the community prevail over the throwaway mentality, according to which care and attention are given to a greater degree iori to those who bring productive advantages to society, forgetting that those who suffer make the irrepressible beauty of human dignity shine in their lives and wounds “. This is the message of Pope Francis sent to the participants of the conference. “This event offers me the opportunity to express the esteem of the Church and my staff for the doctors and health professionals involved in this delicate field. Their commitment in meeting the needs of the the conditions of those who suffer from mental disorders, offering them appropriate therapy, is a great good for people and for society – the Holy Father observed – It is therefore of the utmost importance to have more and more awareness of the human professional requirements required for treatment of these brothers and sisters of ours. In the sensitivity that accompanies their fragility, they felt the devastating psychological effects of the pandemic with particular gravity “. “It is therefore desirable that, on the one hand, there is no lack of strengthening the health system for the protection of mental illness, also by supporting the reality involved in the scientific research of pathologies, and on the other hand, associations and voluntary work that are placed alongside the the sick and their families – added the Holy Father – It is so important to involve the vital context in which the patient finds himself, so that he does not lack the warmth and affection of a community. integral care of the person. Taking care of others is not only a qualified job but a real mission, which is fully realized when scientific knowledge meets the fullness of humanity and is translated into the tenderness that knows how to bring others to heart ” . “The pandemic has faced enormous challenges for healthcare workers, showing everyone the need to have appropriate care formulas. health care to leave no one behind and to take care of everyone in an inclusive and participatory way. Your National Conference is moving in this direction and, in thanking you and those who at various levels are committed to alleviating the pain of those who suffer, I wish to express my warm encouragement to continue on the second path of solidarity care “, concludes Pope Francis.

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