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Mayor Caltanissetta: “Razza plays ‘Risiko’ with Health, we on the barricades”


Open letter from the mayor of Caltanissetta Roberto Gambino (M5S) to the regional councilor for health Ruggero Razza. The mayor criticizes the management of regional health and accuses the commissioner of “playing Risko with health care”. Gambino is therefore said to be ready to build “barricades” to prevent “Nissen health from being dismantled as is done with buildings”. The mayor therefore speaks of “the ignoble attempt to once again deprive the city of Caltanissetta of territorial coordination for the benefit of nearby territorial identities, a crazy political project, a sort of” Risiko “game that sees the regional government as the protagonist , except that instead of plastic tanks there are citizens, there are patients, there are the sick who have the right to be treated and assisted in their territory “. Here is what we read in the open letter to the councilor Razza: “From an article in the Repubblica we learn of a” treasure “of 800 million euros destined for Sicilian health, ready to be divided among the provincial health companies. Since the first covid and so from January 2020, I decided to keep a low public profile on health issues, preferring to the news of the dysfunction shot on social media, seasoned with selfies or direct with the Sant’Elia hospital as a background, the collaboration continues with the governance of the ASP in order to try to limit the damage that the pandemic is still causing and I must say that this collaboration has worked and continues to work “, says Gambino. “My citizens rightly remind me on a daily basis that, as mayor, I am the head of local health and ask me to enforce the role, demand what should already be a right and beat their fists – continues the mayor – I always said that the current state of health is the consequence of 25 years of cuts and unfortunately the final result of the feared rationalization is the demolition of a system that fails to ensure the right services, both territorial and hospital “. “In this context, the city of Caltanissetta comes out badly and the second level Goddess constituted by the Sant’Elia hospital is the litmus test of this truly complex situation, but our hospital is only the tip of the iceberg if we go deeper into the local medicine and provincial hospitals – says the mayor Gambino – Sant’Elia is the place where the problems are amplified and where it is possible to move forward in the covid period thanks to the good will and the day and night availability of the staff in a service that in recent months has been appropriately increased by the current governance, but is still not sufficient to implement efficient assistance to our patients “. “Now I am tired of plugging leaks and I demand institutional respect from the health councilor Ruggero Razza who in all his management has proved to be truly insensitive to the issues that grip the Nissen health care”, laments Gambino. “It is a few months old. earlier the informal news, which meandered in the rooms of power, that the Nissena Asp would be dismantled as is done with the buildings. Gela and Caltagirone. Other prebends, other rivulets of power, other primary and sub-government positions – continues Roberto Gambino – In the time of simplification and administrative agility under elections, the time machine is set in motion to go back light years. then some mayors like myself arrive who have their hands free to break the game of those who make the basis of their political activity of the palace pacts to”. “I don’t know if this hypothesis is still in play, but the ignoble attempt to deprive the city of Caltanissetta once again of territorial coordination for the benefit of neighboring territorial identities, a crazy political project, a sort of game of” Risiko “Which sees the regional government as the protagonist, except that instead of plastic tanks there are citizens, there are patients, there are the sick who have the right to be treated and assisted in their territory”, he says. “Voices of corridor let us know that the separation of the management of the territorial asp would be compensated with the institution of the university polyclinic in Caltanissetta, another fairy tale, another mockery of the “dear” councilor Razza – concludes Gambino – I ask a few questions to the councilor Razza for which I will demand an answer not only in the capacity of local health manager but above all in the capacity of president of the provincial conference of mayors that is upa of health care throughout the provincial territory. What are the investments planned for the province of Caltanissetta from the treasury of 800 million euros? What services are you planning to improve? These funds will be distributed on the regional territory following which criterion, the territorialized scientific one or the political electoral one, to prepare the next regional and national elections, “spreading” the millions of euros at will according to his and his political consensus? I say this in all sincerity and with great honesty, if Ruggero Razza and the political part of him intend to open a discussion table, the provincial conference of mayors that I have the honor to preside, could be the political terrain in which to take the right decisions. If, on the other hand, their intention is to tear Nyssian healthcare to pieces, they can begin to change their strategy because they will find me on the barricades defending my territory and the citizens who live there “.



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