Child pornography, arrested 32 years old: video and abuse also on the daughter

Online child pornography, a blitz by the State Police this morning, which carried out an arrest and 17 searches in various provinces. The arrested man is a thirty-two year old from Brescia caught in the flagrantee of the crime of detention of large quantities of child pornography material. From the forensic analysis of the computer devices found in the man’s possession, carried out on the spot by the investigators of the Brescia Section of the Postal Police, it emerged not only that the man was particularly active on a chat in which videos of sexual abuse were shared against of very young children, but self-produced films were found that portrayed him in sexual acts practiced against his own daughter. The investigations, carried out by the Postal and Communications Police of Milan and coordinated by the Postal and Communications Police Service (Cncpo) and by the prosecutors of the Courts of Milan and Brescia, originate from a report of the Canadian collateral. In order to identify the Italian users responsible for the dissemination of child pornography material on a well-known instant messaging application, the Milan Postal Police filtered and processed over 6,400 connections, managing to identify 17 people, who, in order to remain anonymous on the internet network and not incurring criminal consequences, they created accounts using ad hoc open e-mail boxes with fictitious data and accessing the network through ‘open’ Wi-Fi networks or internet connections in the name of third parties. Thanks to the intersection of all computer traces and the geolocation of electronic addresses, the policemen were able to identify the perpetrators of the serious crimes under investigation. During the police operation against online child pornography, 22 smartphones were seized, 3 notebook, 8 hard disks, 4 USB pendrives and 2 tablets (for a total storage capacity of over 15 terabytes), inside which more than 5,000 videos and photos of a child pornography nature were found.

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