NewsLocalCovid, the epidemiologist: "Caution, infections even after vaccine"

Covid, the epidemiologist: “Caution, infections even after vaccine”


“Getting vaccinated shouldn’t make you less cautious.” Stefania Salmaso, independent epidemiologist of infectious diseases, explains this to Adnkronos Salute. “Even those who are vaccinated can, theoretically, transmit the infection. This can happen in a small percentage of cases where the vaccine has had no effect. In these situations one can also acquire the infection and become contagious. this happens in a very small proportion of the vaccinated population “. As for swabs, “even vaccinated people must continue to use them, both in the case of symptoms and contacts with positives. The vaccine – Salmaso reiterates – cannot give absolute protection from infection. We always remember that it protects against the serious effects of the disease. , but it does not give a certainty against infection. In the event that we have to prove that it is not in progress, we must necessarily search for the virus with the swab “.

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