Covid and teenagers, Locatelli: “There has been an increase in suicide attempts”

Covid and adolescents in Italy, reported an “increase” in suicide attempts among the youngest, “overexposed to stressors” and isolated from the containment measures of the pandemic. This was stated by Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee, in a hearing with the joint committees of the Senate, Public Education, Cultural Heritage and Hygiene and Health, on the impact of integrated digital teaching on learning processes and on the psychophysical well-being of students. In Italy, Locatelli pointed out, “some authoritative child neuropsychiatrists” reported “the increase in access to the emergency room of adolescents who have committed suicide, fortunately almost always unsuccessful and self-harm”. During the pandemic, children in distance learning “were overexposed to stress factors and the containment measures led to a marked interruption of the daily routine that caused isolation”, Locatelli said, continuing: “I have always expressed myself on how much face-to-face teaching is fundamental “. “Post traumatic stress disorder can be traced back to two types of manifestation: anxiety and depression. And anxiety symptoms, in fact, have numerous components: the fear of getting sick, dying, losing contact with one’s friends. months following the first restrictions, the difficulty of seeing a way out and the isolation led to a change in the way of playing and the type of game. There was an increase in the time spent using information tools, such as the internet and social media, “he added.