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Covid today Italy, 927 infections and 10 deaths: June 24 bulletin


There are 927 coronavirus infections in Italy today, 24 June, according to region-by-region data in the Civil Protection bulletin. Since yesterday, according to the table, 10 deaths have been recorded. In the last 24 hours, 188,191 swabs were performed: the positivity index is 0.5%. There are 328 patients admitted to intensive care (-16 since yesterday). Read also REGIONALOMBARDY DATA – 155 Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus positives recorded in Lombardy in the last 24 hours and 4 deaths, given the latter which brings the total number of victims of the virus to 33,765 since the beginning of the pandemic . These are the numbers released by the Region, which in its update also takes stock of the swabs carried out on the last day: they are 32,837, for a total of 11,420,780, while the positive / swab ratio is 0.4%. hospitalized in intensive care: they are 65 (-7) while patients in the other wards are 321 (-29) .CALABRIA – There are 31 new coronavirus infections today 24 June in Calabria, according to the data of the latest bulletin of the Protection department of the health of the Region. There are another 2 deaths. There are +186 recovered, -157 currently positive, -154 in isolation, – 5 hospitalized and, finally, +2 intensive care (for a total of 9). There have been 1,223 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. PIEDMONT – There are 36 new coronavirus infections in Piedmont according to today’s bulletin, 24 June. Also recorded another death. The new positives are equal to 0.3% of 13,877 swabs performed, of which 9,171 are antigenic. Of the 36 new cases, 18 were asymptomatic (50%). There are 9 screening cases, 21 case contacts, 6 with ongoing investigation, no cases in RSA and Social Welfare Structures, 3 in schools and 33 among the general population. The total number of positive cases therefore becomes 366,774, of which 29.571 Alessandria, 17.489 Asti, 11.523 Biella, 52.923 Cuneo, 28.253 Novara, 196.314 Turin, 13.730 Vercelli, 12.975 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 1.501 residents outside the region, but in charge of the Piedmontese health facilities. The remaining 2,495 are under development and territorial attribution.CAMPANIA – 112 new cases of coronavirus emerged yesterday in Campania from the analysis of 7,803 molecular swabs. In today’s bulletin released by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region there are 7 new deaths, 3 of which occurred in the last 48 hours and 4 previously, but recorded yesterday. 20 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 252 Covid patients hospitalized in hospital wards.LAZIO – There are 97 coronavirus infections in Lazio today, June 24, according to data from the regional bulletin. Since yesterday, 3 deaths have been recorded. In Rome, 65 cases reported. “Today in Lazio, out of almost 9 thousand swabs (-255) and over 13 thousand antigenic for a total of almost 22 thousand tests, 97 new positive cases are recorded (stable data), 3 deaths (+1) are recorded, 254 are hospitalized ( -2). 335 recovered, intensive therapies are 74 (-1). The ratio between positives and swabs is 1.1%, but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 0.4%. in Rome city they are at 65 “, says the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. ABRUZZO – There are 40 (aged between 10 and 84 years) the new coronavirus infections in Abruzzo today, June 24, according to data of the regional bulletin. The positives to Covid in total since the beginning of the emergency are 74,694. In the last 24 hours, 1 death was recorded. 31 patients (-4 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area; 2 (unchanged compared to yesterday with no new admissions) in intensive care, while the other 1004 (-43 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation with active surveillance by the Asl. In the last 24 hours, 3,378 molecular swabs were performed (1175441 in total since the beginning of the emergency) and 1,236 antigen tests (496734). The positivity rate, calculated on the sum of molecular swabs and antigenic tests of the day, is equal to 0.86 percent. SARDINIA – There are 16 new infections from Coronavirus in Sardinia according to the latest bulletin today, June 24th. No new deaths registered. The extra swabs performed were just over 3 thousand. Hospitalizations are still decreasing, 42 (-11 compared to the previous monitoring), 5 patients in intensive care (+1). Currently there are 2,330 people in home isolation and 45 more healed. Of the 57,162 positive cases ascertained overall, 14,973 (+8) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 8,685 (+4) in Southern Sardinia, 5,165 in Oristano, 10,964 in Nuoro, 17,361 (+4) in Sassari. coronavirus infections in Puglia today, 24 June, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, there have been no deaths. The increase in the healed continues at a good pace and therefore the current positives decrease. The decline in hospitalized patients is slow but steady.As can be seen in the daily epidemiological bulletin, drawn up by the Region on the basis of information from the Health Promotion department, today 6,292 swabs for coronavirus infection were carried out in Puglia and 42 positive cases were detected : 10 in the province of Bari, 12 in the province of Brindisi, 1 in the province of Bat, 5 in the province of Foggia, 4 in the province of Lecce, 8 in the province of Taranto, 1 case of resident outside the region, 1 case of non-resident province Note. Yesterday there were 63 new cases out of 6,684 tests, with no deaths recorded. Yesterday there were 3. There are 6,613 people who have lost their lives. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,640,463 tests have been carried out. 241,154 patients recovered while yesterday they were 240,487 (+667). Currently positive cases are 5,312 while yesterday they were 5,937 (-625). There are 181 hospitalized patients while yesterday they were 186 (-5). VALLE D’AOSTA – No deaths and two new coronavirus infections today, 24 June, according to the bulletin with data from Valle d’Aosta. The total number of people affected by Covid 19 in the region from the beginning of the epidemic to 11,678. The current positives are 35, -3 compared to yesterday, of which one hospitalized and 34 in home isolation. On the other hand, no patient was admitted to intensive care. The data are contained in the regional health update bulletin. Today 11,170 + 5 are cured compared to yesterday, while the swabs carried out to date are 138,002, +15 of which 37,974 have been processed with rapid unsanitary tests. The deaths of people tested positive for the virus in Valle d’Aosta have been from the beginning of the emergency to today. 473.BASILICATA – In Basilicata there are 28 new infections from Covid recorded today, 24 June, out of a total of 673 molecular swabs. There are no deaths. This was announced by the Basilicata regional task force with the usual bulletin. The Lucanians recovered or negativized in the last 24 hours are 28. The hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera are 27 (-4) of which none in intensive care. The current positives are 886 (data unchanged). MARCHE – There are 12 coronavirus infections in the Marche today, June 24, according to data from the region’s bulletin. In the last 24 hours, according to the table, 1,858 swabs were tested: 898 in the new diagnosis path (of which 229 screened with Antigenic pathway) and 960 in the healed path (a positive ratio tested of 1.3%). There are 12 new diagnoses (1 in the province of Macerata, 2 in the province of Ancona, 6 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 1 in the province of Fermo, 1 in the province of Ascoli Piceno and 1 outside the region). These cases include symptomatic subjects (3 cases detected), contacts in the home setting (2 cases detected), close contacts of positive cases (4 cases detected), contacts in the work setting (1 cases detected), contacts in the living / social environment ( 0 cases detected), contacts in the care setting (0 cases detected), Contacts involving students of all levels of education (0 cases detected), health care pathway screening (0 cases detected), contacts from outside the region (0 cases detected) and 2 cases are in the process of epidemiological investigation. In the Screening path a total of 229 antigenic tests carried out and 2 subjects detected positive (to be subjected to the molecular swab) a positive / tested ratio 1%. TUSCANY – There are 73 coronavirus infections in Tuscany today, 24 June, according to the data of the bulletin anticipated by the governor Eugenio Giani. “The new cases registered in Tuscany are 73 out of 13,953 tests of which 6,834 molecular swabs and 7,119 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 0.52% (1.4% on the first diagnoses)”, writes Giani.



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