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Lawyers: how do you change your profession, survey of the Forensic Fund for the new Annual Report


In view of the preparation of the Annual Report on the Italian Advocacy for 2022, also this year Cassa Forense – in collaboration with the Censis Foundation – is carrying out the usual survey among colleagues to find out about the current conditions of the profession. A study that this year, a note recalls, is completely renewed by providing, in two specific sections, a space dedicated to female advocacy, in order to enhance the different phases of women’s professional life; is a qualitative survey on the legal services market in Italy, i.e. the expectations of customers in the various production sectors, towards which the offer of legal services, including innovative ones, can and must be oriented in order to expand and diversify the professional activity . The Report is presented every year in March during an event organized by Cassa. To make it happen, Cassa asks for the availability of colleagues to collaborate in the successful outcome of the research, by completing an online questionnaire. “The questionnaire is simple, it can be filled out in a single solution, or saved and filled out in several steps, and will remain available until January 31 – explains Cassa forense – Subsequently the results will be reprocessed in aggregate form and, in one of the ‘Numbers of the Advocacy ‘prepared by the Actuarial Office of Cassa Forense, will constitute a useful tool for analyzing the current conditions of the lawyer and future prospects “. The latest Censis report examined, in particular, the effects of the pandemic and the strong impact that the same has determined on the exercise of the profession In the course of the last report, that of 2021, therefore relating to the conditions of the category in 2020, the first elaborated in the middle of the covid era, the effects of the pandemic were fully revealed showing the their strong impact also on the Italian legal profession. According to the survey, the working situation has become more critical for 7 out of 10 professionals. Difficulties and uncertainty have increased for 32.9% of the sample, while the most critical conditions concerned women lawyers (37.5 %) and lawyers resident in the South (43.2%). All elements that will be studied in depth in the next 2022 Report on the Advocacy. “A precious tool – explains the president of Cassa Forense, the lawyer Valter Militi – which will allow us not only to provide an updated picture of the state of health of the forensic world, a photograph of the current situation, but also and above all to improve the action that as Cassa Forense we carry out every day in the interest of our colleagues “.

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