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Fascism, written Ventennium restored in Ranzano: it is controversial


There is controversy over the twenty-year writing restored in Ranzano, in the province of Pordenone. “This is the time when you have to feel the pride of living and fighting”, reads on the wall of a house in the center of the town, an inscription dating back to fascism that has come back to life: “Here it is freshly made fresh. One a lover of history and restoration has offered to renew it for free “, reads the Facebook page ‘Sei di Ranzano-Vigonovo-Romano se’, where a photo of the renewed writing is posted under an old photo that portrays the writing still from. “Free of anachronistic political meanings, it seems to me it fits well even in these times of pandemic”, one of the comments under the photo. But, as reported by the Venetian Gazzettino, the restoration did not go unnoticed, attracting the immediate reaction of Anpi and Pd. “I express all our indignation – says the president of the district of Sacile dell’Anpi, the lawyer Loris Parpinel – Even if it has no legal relevance, it is certainly an act of bad taste, although the sentence itself is also quite enough However, it happens at a particular moment, that of the week of Remembrance Day. And it is an offense also for a Municipality that has nevertheless had important partisan representatives, such as our honorary president Angelo Carnelutto, the partisan Clark who is now 95 years old , or Antonio Zilli killed by the fascists “.” A stumbling block has been dedicated to Pordenone in Zilli – adds Adriana Del Tedesco, municipal councilor of the Democratic Party – but Fontanafredda never paid him anything. The sentence itself may not be offensive, but leaves a lot of bitterness. One could also understand the intent of a historical memory, but then perhaps an exhibition would be better to remember the fascist phrases, contextualize them with adequate explanations and info rmations. Instead of looking to the past, perhaps it would be better to look to the future and maybe think about embellishing some walls like the really ugly one you see in Piazza Julia in Vigonovo “.

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