Saviano: “In ‘Salerno Letteratura’ there is the son of De Luca the censor”

“In the Salerno Literature 2021 program, on 25 June, a great man of letters presents his book: nothing less than Roberto De Luca, son of the censor Vincenzo De Luca”. The writer Roberto Saviano writes it on Twitter, highlighting the presence, in the program of the “Salerno Letteratura” festival, of Roberto De Luca, former councilor of the Municipality of Salerno and son of the president of the Campania Region, author of the book “The hurricane. Una history of politics, fake news, justice “which traces the judicial affair that saw him involved on the eve of the 2018 elections. Read also Saviano thus returns to the controversy that arose following the stop to his participation in the Ravello Festival, with the consequent resignation of Antonio Scurati from the presidency of the Foundation. In a video posted on Twitter, Saviano asks a question “to those who are participating in these festivals in Campania: how does it feel to accept the request to participate knowing that the presidency of the Region manipulates, decides, imposes and binds participation? Do you know that in the Campania Region there is control over access to festivals and public debate? Because Don Vincenzo decides who participates and who does not: everyone can participate, it does not matter to him, provided there is no criticism of his policies . How do you feel – concludes Saviano – going to a festival where the son’s book is presented? “.

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