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Burian touches Italy and the anticyclone returns, weather forecasts


Burian touches Italy and the anticyclone returns, with stable weather for the next few hours. Italy is only lapped by the Burian which in these hours is still hitting Greece, with memorable snow in Athens (accumulations of even 40-50 cm in some neighborhoods) and Mykonos and intense frost that has persisted for a few days between the Hellenic Peninsula and Turkey . The effects of these cold puffs were felt on the extreme southern regions during Monday 24 January, with the snow that reached Lecce while weak snowfalls were also recorded in the province, in the areas of Galatina, Soleto, Corigliano d ‘Otranto and in some parts of southern Salento, in Collepasso, Casarano, Taviano and Racale. Snow storms also engulfed Calabria, with significant accumulations on the Sila and snowfall without accumulation up to Corigliano-Rossano, Crotone and Isola Capo Rizzuto. The meteorological scenario, however, is destined to change once again in our country: Stefano Ghetti, meteorologist of, announces that from today the big anticyclone will return to travel several kilometers towards our country, bringing back a more homogeneous atmospheric stability , ready to persist even on Wednesdays and Thursdays, nevertheless leaving the plains of the North and some internal sections of the Center at the mercy of dense and persistent fogs. But be careful, the substantial absence of wind, combined with the presence of high pressure, will favor the stagnation of pollutants in the lower layers of the atmosphere, with the levels of pm10 and pm2.5 that will increase day by day, especially in the Po Valley. FORECASTS IN DETAIL Tuesday 25: In the north: sometimes overcast sky over the coastal sectors, fog over the Po Valley. Sun elsewhere. In the center. clear or partly cloudy skies everywhere. In the south: sunny and dry weather, although cold Wednesday 26: In the north: overcast skies on the coasts, persistent fog on the Po Valley. Sunny on the reliefs. In the Center: covered on the Tyrrhenian sectors, rains on Tuscany and Umbria. In the South: clear or partly cloudy skies. Thursday 27: In the north: fog on the Po Valley, low clouds along the coastal sectors. Center: many clouds over the Tyrrhenian regions, little cloudy elsewhere. South: isolated rain showers over Calabria and Messina, the sun prevailing over the remaining regions.

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