• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

More blue flags this year, Liguria and Campania at the top


May 10, 2021

There are 416 Italian ‘dream’ beaches, 9 more than last year, with Liguria once again at the top followed by Campnia. These are the Blue Flags 2021 assigned by the Foundation for Environmental Education (Fee) to 201 coastal resorts and 81 tourist landings which correspond to approximately 10% of the beaches awarded worldwide. The municipalities that have obtained recognition based on the 32 sustainability criteria (from water quality to separate waste collection), therefore, are 201, 6 more than the 195 of last year: 15 are new entries, 9 municipalities are not confirmed . In particular, Liguria confirms 32 locations, Campania follows with 19 Flags with a new entry but also an exit, Tuscany drops to 17 Flags with three exits. Puglia also reaches 17 awards, with three new entries and one exit. The Marches rise to 16, with a new entry. Calabria also reaches 15 with two new entrances and one exit, while Sardinia reconfirms its 14 locations (with a new entry and one exit). Abruzzo rises to 13 with three new entrances, Lazio arrives at 11 with two new municipalities. The 10 flags of Trentino Alto Adige remain unchanged, with Sicily also 10 rooms with two new entries. The 9 Flags of Veneto are reconfirmed, as well as the 7 towns of Emilia Romagna. Basilicata confirms its 5 localities; there are two releases in Piedmont which obtains 2 Flags; Friuli Venezia Giulia confirms the 2 of the previous year. Molise remains with 1 Flag, Lombardy also confirms 1 Blue Flag. Overall, this year the Flags on the lakes drop to 16, with two releases. “Also this year the Blue Flag program marks an increase in the Municipalities that have obtained the recognition, 201 – said Claudio Mazza, president of Fee Italia – However, many more are those Municipalities that have chosen to undertake the path and that we support in their growth. The commitment to sustainability in the management of their territory, the care of tourists and their safety, attention to services, combined with the great desire to restart with the tourist season, make the Blue Flag Municipalities an engine for the recovery of tourism Italian in this particular historical moment. “” As it was in the past year, when the Italian coastal municipalities with the Blue Flag were able to respond to the new and unknown challenges launched by Covid, guaranteeing an efficient and safe management of the summer convinced that by 2021 Italian tourism will be able to drive the recovery of the whole country “concludes Mazza.