Foggia, disabled suicide, was bullied: 6 suspects

Victim of bullying, suicide after the theft of the mobile phone. Six notices of conclusion of the preliminary investigations, of information of guarantee and of the right to defense, were notified by agents of the Flying Squad of the Foggia Police Headquarters to as many people accused, the first of fraud and the other five of stalking to the detriment of a disabled person from the capital of Dauno, Marco Ferrazzano, 29 years old who in January, after having disappeared, was found lifeless on the railway tracks: the suicide, believes the Police Headquarters, was probably caused by the theft suffered. The young man, according to investigators, was the victim of bullying and real abuse and violence. They are DPGL 23, BA, 24, TAP, 21, PFP, 22, VDP, 22, AG, 23. The investigative activity started with the report of the theft of the ‘Samsung’ mobile phone, presented on January 22 by the victim and from the subsequent report of expulsion of the latter from their home presented by family members on the same day. In the complaint Ferrazzano stated that on the morning of January 21st, while he was near the local market in via Luigi Pinto in Foggia, he had been approached by two boys aboard a scooter who asked him to be able to make a call with his cell phone. Fearing repercussions, despite not having the intention of accepting the claim, he would have handed the phone to one of the boys, but at the request for restitution, the two would have gone away on the adjacent streets, taking away the cell phone. Ferrazzano, in an attempt to chase them and block them, fell to the ground getting only some bruises. On the afternoon of the 23rd, the 29-year-old’s mother reported the disappearance of her son to the Foggia Railway Police Section, which occurred the previous day around 3.00 pm, specifying that the stolen cell phone continued to ring without an answer and specified that the son usually returned home around at 8.30 pm, who had been suffering from depression and schizophrenia for years, for which he was being treated in the Mental Health Department of Foggia. Meanwhile, a lifeless body had been found on the afternoon of the 22nd on the Foggia-San Severo railway line, hit by a regional train. Later it was ascertained that it was the 29-year-old. On 10 February, during a television report by ‘Chi Ha seen’ dedicated to the disappearance of Ferrazzano, bullying was reported by the 29-year-old by some young people indicated by the victim’s family. During the investigations of the Mobile Squad, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ferrazzano’s cell phone was recovered, already a victim of theft of the cell phone several times. However, it emerged, from listening to some witnesses, that following the latest theft, the 29-year-old had shown agitation and concern: a greater malaise than that previously manifested, so much so that he had gone to all his relatives to block its number on their electronic devices. It also emerged that on several occasions he had returned home with injuries or / and bruises that he would never tell his family about. In fact, he would have been beaten in the street by other young people: some videos show images in which his hair was cut and made to do somersaults on the ground. In the course of the investigation it emerged that he would have been forced to stay several times in the company of the suspects who would have prevented him from leaving freely, also forcing him to contact acquaintances on their mobile phones to pronounce insults or insult passers-by. From the hearing of the other victim, it emerged that Ferrazzano was repeatedly subjected to acts of bullying and physical violence by the suspects he often met at the San Felice Park or in the Candelaro district, where he usually entertained himself. In particular, on one occasion, after being turned upside down, one of the suspects would have been caught with a cell phone while the others were pleased to watch the scene and on another occasion he would have been hit with a moped. The Health Department of the gathered hospitals confirmed to the investigators that on January 25, 2020 Ferrazzano had resorted to medical care following an assault suffered by a person known to him. The doctors had diagnosed bruises on the face, pain in the right hand, a bruised nose with blood loss and a prognosis of 20 days.The suspects, all with police records, allegedly threatened the victims of heavy assaults, continually insulting them of their disability. The first suspect was charged with the fraud with the aggravating circumstance of having committed the fact by taking advantage of the disability conditions of the injured party such as to hinder their private defense; the other suspects respond to stalking, with the aggravating circumstance of having committed the crime by taking advantage of the conditions of disability of Ferrazzano and of another person.

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