Death of Luana D’Orazio, black box warper decoded

The codes deciphered by Karl Meyer, the manufacturer of the killer warper that crushed and killed Luana D’Orazio, a 22-year-old worker and mother of a 5-year-old child, who died on May 3 in the textile company, arrived in Prato from Germany. “Orditura Luana” of Oste di Montemurlo (Prato). These are the codes of the internal memory of the machine (a sort of black box) that were taken by the technicians of the ASL prevention department during the appraisal ordered by the Prato prosecutor to clarify the circumstances in which the young worker died. “La Nazione” writes it today. The dynamic, almost two months after the accident, remains shrouded in mystery while waiting for the consultant of the prosecutor, engineer Carlo Gini, to file his report by mid-July. The codes will have to be related to the technical tests that the experts, not only of the prosecutor’s office but also of the defenses and the civil party, carried out inside the company in via Garigliano in Montemurlo. In particular, they must say two fundamental things: at what stage of the process Luana had arrived before being crushed inside the gears and at what speed the machinery was turning. Two useful pieces of information to determine if the girl’s death could have been avoided. The consultant of the prosecutor’s office highlighted – through the technical tests – a double tampering with the young woman’s warper: the creation of an electric bypass that allowed the machine to run at high speed with the safety gate raised and the start button that allowed start the warper even in the absence of the safety device (the gate) lowered. Was it possible that Luana got too close to the car while it was turning? Or did the girl come over to fix something and the warper suddenly started? But how did it get going if the start button is near the guard gate, too far away for the worker to accidentally press it? Questions that only the expert opinion will be able to solve in a plausible way. What appears from the first findings is that the machine was traveling at high speed. When the experts restarted the machine for the first time after the fatal accident, causing it to finish the interrupted cycle, the warper immediately turned at high speed as if it were in an advanced stage of processing. If so, tampering with the shutter will play a fundamental role in the accusatory hypothesis. The three suspects, the owner Luana Coppini and her husband Daniele Faggi (believed to be the de facto manager of the company) and the maintenance technician Mario Cusimano, are accused of manslaughter and willful omission of accident prevention precautions. Cusimano, meanwhile, has changed lawyer entrusting the defense to Melissa Stefanacci.

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