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Yellow and orange zone, region colors from Monday 24 January: rules


Two other regions in the yellow zone (Puglia and Sardinia) and 4 regions in the orange zone (Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Sicily) from Monday 24 January. While the Regions are asking to overcome the mechanism of color zones. The band changes, announced by the Ministry of Health, in the light of the data of the weekly monitoring on the trend of Covid-19, Minister Roberto Speranza signed the new ordinance. The high employment rates not only in the intensive care units, but also in the ordinary wards, act as a needle of the balance. Read also Zone parameters and measures To date there are four risk bands, linked to four colors: white, yellow, orange and red zone. To move from one area to another, three parameters are calculated: the incidence of new infections on 100 thousand inhabitants, the employment of intensive care and employment in the medical area. According to the current parameters, we remain in the white zone if there are less than 50 weekly infections per 100 thousand inhabitants. In the event of weekly infections between 50 and 150 per 100 thousand inhabitants, in order to remain in the white zone, it is necessary that the employment rate of intensive care units does not exceed 10% or that the occupancy rate of hospital wards does not exceed 15%. If the two parameters are both above, the yellow band is passed, which triggers even if the weekly cases exceed 150 per 100 thousand inhabitants but the occupancy rate of resuscitation does not exceed 20% or that of the ordinary wards does not exceed 30%. It turns orange if both parameters are exceeded. The red zone is activated in areas where the weekly incidence of infections is equal to or greater than 150 cases per 100 thousand and both of these conditions occur: the occupancy rate of beds in the medical area exceeds 40% and that in intensive care exceeds 30%. With the new measures imposed by the government and valid until January 31, 2022, there are few differences between the white and yellow zones. Until now, one of the main differences between these two areas was the obligation to wear the mask even outdoors. With the latest government decree it was decided to extend this measure. The use of the mask has been ‘reinforced’ throughout Italy since to access public transport, trains, airplanes, cinemas, theaters it is necessary to wear the Ffp2. And this until the end of the state of emergency, which is currently set for March 31. Until the end of the state of emergency, the Christmas decree also provides for the extension of the obligation of a reinforced Green Pass – for vaccinated or recovered people – to catering also for consumption over the counter in bars and restaurants. Extension of the obligation of a reinforced Green Pass indoors for swimming pools, gyms and team sports, but also for museums and exhibitions. Super Green Pass indoors for wellness centers, spas (except for essential levels of assistance and rehabilitation or therapeutic activities), theme and amusement parks, for cultural centers, social and recreational centers (excluding educational centers for children ) indoors and for game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos. The basic Green pass is also mandatory for customers of beauticians and hairdressers. It has been established that until January 31, 2022, events are prohibited. , parties and concerts, however denominated, which involve gatherings in open spaces; dance halls, discos and similar venues will be closed, where events, concerts or parties, however called, are held, open to the public. you can move both to other municipalities in the same region and to other regions only for work, needs, health or for services that are not suspended but not available in your municipality. On the other hand, it is ok to move from municipalities with a maximum of 5,000 inhabitants, to other municipalities within 30 km, except for the provincial capital. The situation changes also with regard to ski resorts: the reinforced Green pass becomes necessary. Bars and restaurants are open only for those with the Super green pass, not for those with a basic certificate thanks to a swab. Here the table with the activities allowed area by area.

From Toti to De Luca, what the regional presidents say about the areas “Liguria will remain in the yellow zone again next week. Positive news, which confirms a stable situation in our hospitals, even if the division of the country into areas is not more indispensable as before, when it envisaged measures to contain the spread of the virus. For this reason, as a Conference of Regions, we are in dialogue with the Government to eliminate the distinction in areas in favor of the more current one between vaccinated and unvaccinated people “. This was stated by the president of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, in a post on Fb. “Just as we will ask that those who test positive, but are asymptomatic and arrived in hospital for other diseases, are not counted among patients hospitalized for Covid – he concludes – Thanks to the vaccine, the consequences of the virus on citizens have changed, it’s time to change too the rules “.” We Presidents of the Regions have said several times in Rome that this logic of colors must necessarily change. We believe it is outdated “. Thus the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci commenting with Adnkronos the passage of Sicily in the orange zone. “As a Region we are fighting in the conference with the State to say enough to the logic of colors: it is outdated precisely because it is absurd, for example, to consider an asymptomatic positive to be ill”, underlined Musumeci while meeting journalists in Catania. For the governor of the island, “we need to review the parameters: two years are enough to allow for a budget. In a few days we will be in orange and we will go ahead with the commitment and dedication we have always had because we hope we can change our minds and vaccinate the novax” . “The first doses – concluded Musumeci – meanwhile are growing everywhere.” Thus the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca. “Sometimes – he added – he has the feeling that some colleague from other regions of Italy asks that the thermometer be broken so as not to measure the fever. He says that they arrive at the hospital for other diseases; yes, but they are always Covid. Let’s see how it will evolve. this asylum of Italy of the Regions in color, of the quarantines of 10, 6, 3 days, we do not talk about it anymore “. On the ‘color of the Regions’ system “in the immediate future” there will be “no change. I believe in this system” but “I also believe that the parameters can be reshaped in the light of Omicron’s circulation and in light of the fact that an increasing number of the population is protected with three doses “of the anti Covid vaccine, according to the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, who spoke to the microphones of the program” Italy has awakened “on Radio Cusano Campus.


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