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Serena Mollicone murder, head trauma absolutely compatible with the barracks door injury


Could Serena’s skull have made that hole in the door? Absolutely yes”. It is the same Cristina Cattaneo, coroner who directs the Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology and Odontology of the University of Milan and author of the super-report that led to the reopening of the investigations and the subsequent trial on the murder of Serena Mollicone, to ask herself this question and offer an answer before the Court of Assizes of the Court of Cassino. He does so by answering the questions of the prosecutors, Beatrice Siravo and Maria Carmen Fusco, while illustrating the medical-legal technical advice carried out on this and other aspects related to the murder of the young woman from Arce. In particular, Cattaneo’s work aims to clarify whether the fracture in the door of an accommodation in the Arce carabinieri barracks, at the time of the facts also used by the Mottola family, whose members are accused in the trial, is compatible with the injured party of the head of Mollicone or with a punch thrown by Franco Mottola, as reported by the same suspect. “Serena’s zygomatic arch fits very well with the break in the door”, Cristina Cattaneo says in the classroom, so much so that “doing the simulation with the prototypes the skull gets stuck.” Serena’s trauma is compatible in any case, she adds, with a blow on a vertical wall and not with a fall to the ground. As for the fist, Cattaneo emphasizes that “anatomically there is less compatibility and it is less fitting than Serena Mollicone’s skull”. The compound fractures of Serena Mollicone’s skull, he explains later, say they were produced by a single impact “against a large and flat surface”. Disputes on the appraisal were advanced during the cross-examination of the witness by the pool of Mottola defense lawyers. In particular, according to the lawyers, Serena’s height would not be compatible with the point where the collision occurred while the scientific evidence was criticized because it was done with the door in a horizontal position resting on supports on the ground and not vertically. mounted on a frame that, they say, ” would have offered resistance ”. Professor Cattaneo specifies, responding to the defense of the accused, that “the variability of the height will never allow, however, to say that that head is not compatible with that hole”, reiterating that the “anatomical protrusions of the skull coincide with the fractured parts of the door. ” As for the position of the door, Cattaneo explains that to carry out the analyzes it was assumed that the door was closed at the moment of impact. to defend herself, then she would have been stunned by a blow to the head but the death could have been caused by asphyxiation, since the body was found with a plastic bag on its head and that no other causes of death have been identified. “That the trauma head caused a stupor and then death occurred by asphyxiation is a very probable hypothesis but we do not have the elements to say it for sure “, explains the professor Sa Cattaneo, specifying that “death by mechanical asphyxiation is a diagnosis made by exclusion because it leaves very few signs”. Small signs can be found in some heart injuries found on Serena. On the body, however, there are “signs of a struggle”, says the medical examiner. This can be inferred from the “many bruises” found on the body, particularly on the legs and trunk. Based on the “distribution of some contusive injuries resulting from small traumas “it can be said that the young woman was also tugged, she adds. As for the time of death, Cristina Cattaneo speculates that it can be dated between 24 and 48 hours prior to the inspection in the Anitrella wood, which took place around 3 June at 14.30, but also a little earlier, thus confirming that the trauma to the head could be placed between 11 and 11.40 on 1 June 2001. Serena Mollicone, 18 year old from Arce disappeared on 1 June 2001 and was found dead two days later in the wood of Anitrella. In the trial are accused the Carabinieri Marshal Franco Mottola, his wife Anna Maria, their son Marco and the Marshal Vincenzo Quatrale, who are accused of complicity in the murder. Quatrale, moreover, he is accused of instigating the suicide of Brigadier Santino Tuzi. Finally, the officer Francesco Suprano is accused of aiding and abetting. (By Giorgia Sodaro)


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