• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Migrants, new landings in the night in Lampedusa


May 10, 2021

New landings of migrants in the night in Lampedusa. After the almost 1,500 arrived yesterday, around 11 pm a boat with 352 people on board was intercepted 9 miles from the island, shortly after a second arrival with 87 men and followed by another with 101 migrants, including 10 women and 3 children. . Around one o’clock a new intervention. The men of the Port Authority intercepted another boat with 95 people on board about 8 miles south of the island, including 3 women and 5 minors, all of sub-Saharan nationality. Mass arrivals that put pressure on the island’s hotspot, where over 2,100 people are present with 250 seats. Read also This morning, 200 will leave the island aboard the Gnv Allegra ferry bound for Porto Empedocle, and then be transferred to towns in the Ragusa area. On the Splendid ship, however, the boarding of 312 people has begun and the landing of the Azzurra ship with 600 seats available is expected to continue emptying the structure of the Imbriacola district.