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Covid today Italy, record of infections and deaths: “Peak reached”


Record of covid infections and deaths in the last 24 hours in Italy. The employment of intensive care has grown in 5 Regions. We would be at the pandemic peak according to epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco and the undersecretary of health Sileri. Read also 228,179 new cases of Coronavirus recorded yesterday in Italy according to Covid data and numbers from the Civil Protection bulletin and the Ministry of Health. Another 434 deaths were also recorded: these are the highest numbers of the fourth wave, both in terms of infections and deaths. There were 150 admissions to intensive care with coronavirus in 24 hours, but the total number of hospitalized resuscitations dropped to 1,715, two fewer than the previous day. The number of hospitalized patients with symptoms increased, which was 220 more than on Monday and brought the total number of patients in the wards to 19,448. 1,481,349 swabs were processed with a positive rate of 15.4%. Since the beginning of the emergency 9,018,425 people have been infected by Covid, while the victims have risen to 141,825. In total, 6,314,444 people healed, 220,811 in the last 24 hours. To date there are 2,562,156 positives in Italy, 6,878 more than yesterday.The average occupation of seats by Covid patients in the intensive care units of Italian hospitals is stable, ‘stopped’ for a week now, since 11 January to be exact, at 18%, therefore still 8 percentage points above the 10% threshold considered critical, according to the latest data from the Agency for Regional Health Services (Agenas), updated on Monday at 19.11. But from the data recorded in the 24 hours, employment appears to increase in 5 Regions: Campania with + 1% stands at 13%, Friuli Venezia Giulia with + 1% reaches 24%, Marche (+ 1%) at 25%, Puglia with + 1% records 13% and Tuscany which sees the occupancy of bed places rise by 2% (to 24%). The other Regions and autonomous provinces record stable or declining data. The average occupation of beds by Covid patients in the non-critical area wards of Italian hospitals, which has been growing steadily in recent weeks, is stable from two days at 29%, well above the critical threshold of 15%, and in 24 hours it increased in 14 Regions and Autonomous Provinces: Abruzzo with + 1% stood at 30%, Calabria + 1% at 42%, Friuli Venezia Giulia + 1% at 31%, Lazio + 1% (at 28%) , Liguria with + 2% (40%), Lombardy + 1% (35%), Marche + 1% to 28%, Molise + 1% (14%), Province of Bolzano + 1% (19%), Province of Trento + 1% (26%), Puglia + 1% (22%), Sicily + 1% (36%), Tuscany + 1% (26%) and Veneto + 1% (26%). At the moment the Valle d’Aosta, with an employment at 52%, although down by 17% in the 24 hours, is the Region with the highest percentage, Molise the lowest, with 14%. “We must continue to consolidate the data until the end of the month. But the peak intended as the maximum point of the epidemic curve” of the coronavirus “I believe has been reached. This week I think we are determined to consolidate the data and have definitive confirmation” . The epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco, professor of hygiene at the University of Salento, explains this to Adnkronos Salute. The Secretary of Health Piepaolo Sileri of the same opinion, according to which on covid and infections, today in Italy “we are experiencing a pandemic peak. Obviously there will be, then, a decrease in cases. And all the rules that we are putting today, in my opinion in a relatively short time, they can be modified again to loosen their grip. ” And also as regards the request to change the ‘colors’ model for the Regions, “this reshaping will not be necessary because, due to the trend of the virus, in a few weeks we will return to a situation in which the yellow will disappear”. Pierpaolo Sileri, the Undersecretary of Health, said this to the microphones of ‘Radio too’, on Radio 1. For Sileri, however, preserving the color system “is essential in case, one day, further more worrying variants arise” As regards the more stringent rules “we must consider what we are doing not as something fixed, which will last indefinitely. But as something that can be modulated according to what we need. The Omicron variant is putting us in front of a virus that runs more but seems less serious in a vaccinated population, with a peak that we have probably reached and that will begin to decrease. In the coming weeks, many of these rules will be further revised “.” The Covid data bulletin – therefore ensures Sileri – remains. Today, however, the number of infections is not important, but the number of hospitalizations and people in intensive care. The weekly trend must be explained, which gives a more truthful picture. ment, in terms of communication, nothing changes “. The bulletin, therefore, “is that. Help must also come from the media and from how the data are highlighted. We must give better data, but better communication must be made on those data”, on the significant numbers “today the most hospitalizations are that contagions “, he concluded.


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