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Vaccini Italia, Vaia: “Doses to everyone without age groups”


“At this point, with the elderly vaccinated, it is ridiculous to make distinctions between a 50 year old and a 40 year old. In the open days you have to give the doses to everyone, no more age groups”. Word of Francesco Vaia, health director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, who in an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’ hopes for a further acceleration for the anti-Covid immunization campaign, so as not to waste the vials left in the super Asl freezers. “It would be a crime to keep the bottles closed – warns the doctor – All approved vaccines are effective”, and if so many discard AstraZeneca “it is the fault of a stammering communication, especially from the regulatory agencies”. “I understand the citizens confused by the fluctuating communications of the regulatory agencies, sometimes even contradictory indications – observes Vaia – Among other things, the agencies should not recommend, but establish. In any case – he specifies – all drugs have side effects, but the benefits infinitely outweigh the risks, which are very reduced. The way now is open days. For everyone, without age groups. In Lazio the Region sees them favorably, the project is being studied. The only issue is to avoid gatherings, a reservation system must be activated. And GPs must be involved. If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that proximity medicine must be strengthened, more home care is needed. Even for Covid “. For example with monoclonals at home? “There is already a project for antibodies at home – confirms the director of Spallanzani – Monoclonals, if the treatment starts immediately, save lives”. Speaking of the trend of Covid-19 in Italy, “all the indicators are good – Vaia states – We are not only paying attention to RT which is now outdated. The relationship between infected people and tampons is decreasing, the hospitalizations have been demolished. This bodes well. Attention, however, it is not a free all: we must continue to behave correctly to do not leave banks to the catastrophists who are already predicting the fourth wave. It depends on us – he warns – the fight against the virus is systematic, unanimous “. Finally, the issue of patent liberalization. Could this be a key step in speeding up mass immunization? “I have been saying this since January – replies the medical director of Inmi Spallanzani – We always talk about a temporary overcoming of patents, in time, without expecting to transform Big Pharma into non-profit associations”, he points out. “I believe and hope – Vaia hopes – that Prime Minister Draghi, with his authority, can lead European leaders in this direction. I also share the appeal to the US to unblock exports. We must dialogue with the United States, I myself speak. with Anthony Fauci, Biden’s adviser. Just as we have relations, at Spallanzani, with Chinese and Russian scientists. Research and medicine must dialogue with everyone “.

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