• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Covid Italia, Sileri: “In June we will be like Great Britain”


May 10, 2021

“Covid is still there. As long as we have these numbers of ICU admissions and deaths, we cannot let our guard down. I say: we continue not to trust, this is a bad virus. But I understand people and the need for start a normal life again, you still need patience for 2-3 weeks, wait for the vaccinations of all the over 80s to be completed and for 30 million Italians to be covered with at least the first dose of vaccine “. This was stated by Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “With 500,000 vaccinations a day, the number of vaccinated people will also increase and the increase in infections should not affect hospitalizations. The deaths are still part of the third wave. But if the vaccination campaign continues to go on like this, by at the end of the month that number will be halved – continues Sileri – In June we too will be like Great Britain. The only thing I really fear is that even those in their thirties are vaccinated, the virus will be thought to have disappeared and few under 30 years old will they will vaccinate “. “This is a strange virus. It will continue to inhabit people, perhaps in a lighter form, but we will have to continue living with it.” And on the green pass Sileri says that “it will arrive within two weeks: it will be a further incentive to be vaccinated”. While on the cessation of vaccine patents, Sileri states: “I think a form of suspension should be explored, but it is important to think about the work done so far by pharmaceutical companies, removing the patent does not give a big advantage immediately and risks stopping research. Rather, it is now better to take other paths, such as the production of the vaccine for third parties, or agreements to produce ‘no profit’ vaccines: a middle way must be found “.