• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Vaccini Italia, over 50: booking starting today


May 10, 2021

Vaccines for over 50s in Italy, it is now possible to book. From this Monday the commissioner structure has ordered the start of reservations for the administration of the anti Covid vaccine for those born up to 1971. “We are waiting for 17 million vaccines: they are arriving and will arrive on a weekly basis. Vaccinations in companies will start more forward when we will have greater availability of doses and after securing the over 65 and the frail. Bookings for the over 50 will begin on Monday. We are in a tunnel and we are slowly beginning to glimpse the light “, said General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo taking stock of the situation on the vaccination campaign. The opening to the over 50s will have a gradual character and is supported by the good progress of the campaign of administration on a national scale of the priority categories, over 80 and frail, reported in the ordinance n. 6 of 9 April 2021. Reservations for citizens over 50 will be implemented, without prejudice to the priority for people suffering from diseases or situations of immunological compromise that can increase the risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19 (comorbidities), albeit without that connotation of gravity reported for frail people. Some of the larger regions have moved ahead of the national plan. In Veneto, for example, reservations for over 50s started last Friday: the goal, in this case, is to reach over 40s already “in the next few weeks”, as stated by the president of the region Luca Zaia. In Piedmont, citizens of the age group 55-59 can book from 4 May. In Lazio, the service for the 54-55 age group has been active since Saturday. Reservations for over 50s have also started in Campania and Sicily. Lombardy starts today with the band of citizens aged 50-59: the operation will involve about 1.59 million Lombard citizens. Lombardy’s plans, in the most optimistic prospects, were to start administering the vaccine to this group starting from 19 May to end on 7 June.