NewsLocalCovid today Italy, "Omicron variant peak in 2-3 weeks"

Covid today Italy, “Omicron variant peak in 2-3 weeks”


The Omicron variant does not stop, “it will reach everyone by 2022”, but in Italy the covid is starting to slow down. This is the picture that is outlined after a day characterized by 149,512 infections and 248 deaths, with a positivity rate of 16.1%. “We are approaching the peak,” says Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Read also “The life of the vast majority of Italians in recent months has been without great limitations. In the coming weeks we will have to open a discussion in particular with the Regions, we will convene a technical table to discuss the proposals and face this phase that seems different from the previous ones . However, we are in a difficult moment, the numbers of infected people are very very high “, he says to Controcorrente.” Thanks to vaccines, hospitalizations are lower than in the past but the pressure is still very strong. WHO tells us that there we are approaching the peak, we must carefully evaluate what happens in the next few days and, as we have always done, adapt the rules to the epidemiological phase we are experiencing “, adds Speranza.

In countries like Italy, the peak linked to the Omicron variant will be reached in “two to three weeks” and then the curve “will start to go down”, says WHO regional director for Europe, Hans Kluge, guest of ‘ Half an hour more ‘. The peak of the wave, he explains, “will end sooner than expected” and in countries such as the United Kingdom and Malta it has already been reached. “We cannot escape from the variant”, reiterates Kluge, who cites forecasts according to which, “given the number of unvaccinated people”, it is estimated that “between January and May 40 countries out of 53 will sooner or later suffer high stress” on health facilities, due to the high number of hospitalizations and intensive care units employed, and for the contagion of health workers “. This is a” crucial moment “, a phase in which we must move to” the reduction of hospitalizations and deaths, but no more than transmission. We must avoid health problems in schools and the economy. “” The Omicron variant will reach everyone, there is no escape. There is no doubt that by the end of 2022, except for another variant, I believe that almost all the population for good or bad will meet this variant “, says the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, on Domenica In.” It will reach everyone. Then there are those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated, who will have problems “, says Sileri.” If another variant does not arrive, by the end of 2022 almost all the population for good or bad will have met Omicron “. It becomes even more vaccination is important. Almost 92 thousand first doses of vaccine were administered on Saturday, January 15. Such a high number had not been registered since September. The vaccine does not completely block the infection, but guarantees a very high protection against serious disease. “An unvaccinated person is almost 30 times more likely to end up in intensive care than someone who has received the booster dose. Over the age of 80, this risks reaches 70 times “, says Professor Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the CTS, in the living room of Che tempo che fa, focusing on the importance of vaccination.” The data from the United Kingdom tell us that at more than 10 weeks after the booster dose the protection remains well close to 90%. Only well-conducted investigations will tell us if there will be a need “, a fourth dose” with a particular eye on the frail “.” Omicron can also infect vaccinated people “, is the lesson of Professor Roberto Burioni.” It’s true, who is it. vaccinated is infected less, there is an important degree of protection especially with the third dose. When the vaccine becomes infected it is less contagious, but the vaccine barrier has become less effective “than contagion.” The vaccine’s ability to block the severe form of the disease remained very effective. The latest ISS data shows much more than 90% protection, “with 3 doses, he notes.” We could have thought of getting rid of the original virus, “he says.” With Omicron and the vaccine we have, this is no longer imaginable. Omicron will continue to circulate. Each of us will meet it: the choice is whether to do it vaccinated or unvaccinated “.


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