NewsLocalQuirinale, Italian Meritocracy: "Election confirms our country's international leadership"

Quirinale, Italian Meritocracy: “Election confirms our country’s international leadership”


“The time for the election of the new President of the Republic is approaching. The discussion has been underway for months and the focus is still on the polls on possible candidates and possible outcomes. The delicacy of the moment is not denied, but the impression is that the debate is not well oriented today. The awareness of the importance of the role on which we are called to decide seems not sufficiently widespread. The usual divisive way is confirmed. Yet the strong disintegrating pressures that have led to the repeated change in the balance of recent years, just when, on the other hand, the difficulty brought about by an unprecedented emergency of recent memory would have imposed stability and cohesion, must finally being able to find composition “. This was underlined in a note by Walter Mauriello, president of Meritocrazia Italia. “The social and economic stability for today and the near future is at stake. The internal stability and credibility of the country at an international level are at stake. a crucial role precisely with respect to the maintenance of the structural equilibrium of the constitutional system. For this – he observes – it is essential that the position be held by a person capable of placing himself above every particularism and who has the strength to be the guarantor of unity national, promoting dialogue and cooperation and giving concreteness to the need for solidarity between the pluralistic political, social and institutional components through which the democratic process takes place “. “But, to strive for equilibrium, it is necessary to start from equilibrium”. For this reason, Meritocrazia Italia invites “the recovery of a collaborative approach, which is expressed in a maximally shared choice of who is truly capable of being the guardian of conservation and respect for the constitutional model and of supervising the democratic order with impartiality and harmony. He hopes for the immediate election of an authoritative figure, who can truly represent all Italians and has the courage to bring the concrete needs of citizens back to the center of the political agenda, from the needs arising from the pandemic emergency to the management of expensive bills, from the fight to new forms of poverty to support businesses, restore priority to the reconstruction of the economic and social fabric torn apart by years of trouble, and direct the route towards the only possible goal: the good of the country “.

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