• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Orange zone for three Regions, from today a new color map


May 9, 2021

New color map for Italy from today Monday 10 May with differentiated rules and measures for movements, bars and restaurants. The map shows almost all the Regions in the yellow zone, in the orange zone there are Sardinia, Sicily and Valle d’Aosta while no Region is in the red zone. In fact, the new ordinances to contain the spread of the coronavirus signed by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, on the basis of the data and indications of the control room of May 7, come into force today. The first ordinance classifies the Val d’Aosta in the orange area, the second renews the orange area for Sicily and the third door in the yellow area of ​​Basilicata, Calabria and Puglia. Overall, therefore, the breakdown of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces in the different areas based on the risk levels starting from today is as follows: in the red zone no Region and Autonomous Province, in the orange zone Valle d’Aosta, Sicily and Sardinia, in yellow zone the rest of the country. The curfew remains from 10pm to 5am in all regions, regardless of color. RSA – Minister Speranza has also signed the ordinance, valid until 30 July 2021, which allows visits in complete safety in all RSAs and allows family members and visitors to visit all residential health and social health facilities in compliance of the indications formulated in the document ‘Methods of access / exit of guests and visitors to the residential structures of the territorial network’, drawn up with the Regions and the Technical Scientific Committee. One of the salient points is the Green Pass: family members and visitors, at the time of access, will have to show exclusively to the persons in charge of checks (in compliance with the provisions on personal data protection) the ‘green Covid-19 certifications’, provided by the law decree of 22 April. COPRIFUOCO – Political confrontation focuses on curfews and other reopenings. The shift of the curfew from 22, in Italy almost all in the yellow zone, could take place within “7-10-15 days”, Pierpaolo Sileri, Undersecretary of Health, told Domenica In. “Probably in the coming weeks also the curfew could be moved forward: it is not my decision, there must be a scientific evaluation. The numbers could allow it in 7-10-15 days, when the standard was passed we were in the middle of the third wave “, recalled Sileri. reopening in the wedding and sport sector, the minister for regional affairs and autonomies, Maria Stella Gelmini, intervened. “Many future spouses and wedding operators have written to me and I reassure them: the government is working on it and based on the trend of the infections we will soon give a date for the recovery because weddings need planning. And the same goes for sport – said Gelmini – Already this week there will be control rooms with the CTS to give dates to these sectors “. “There is the health emergency – he added – but also the economic one and the Sostegni 2 decree will soon arrive with 40 billion in support of the affected categories”. RT – Meanwhile, the Regions ask to review the parameters for deciding anti Covid measures and restrictions. ” The first thing that must be overcome today I think is the Rt index, when there is a low incidence the risk is that a few more infections will make the Rt splash – underlined the president of the Conference of Regions and of Friuli Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga – There is a technical table that is working to review the parameters and I trust in that work. In my opinion, an index to take into consideration is the hospital RT, an indicator that can give a real signal and not a distorted vision. The parameters must be adapted to the current situation of the country ”. ” Overcoming the RT? As a technical-scientific committee, we have already expressed ourselves on this last month – Fabio Ciciliano, secretary in the first CTS and now a member of the Technical Scientific Committee launched by the Draghi government representing the Civil Protection Department, said in an interview with Adnkronos. – We suggested calculating the RT on admissions to Covid wards and intensive care for two reasons: first because in this way the data would be more recent and collected more quickly and second because in this way the impact of the pandemic on regional health systems, being less affected by the fluctuations caused by the number of positive swabs ”. ” The Rt index calculated in this way would acquire greater significance with the increase in the number of citizens vaccinated and we would therefore have the simultaneous registration of serious cases – Ciciliano explained – Right now what interests us are not so much the numbers of the co ntagi, which obviously are important, but in a summer screening the goal is that the intensive care units and the Covid departments are emptied to remain stably below the critical threshold ”.