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Omicron Italia variant, Sileri: “By the end of 2022 it will reach everyone”


“The Omicron variant will reach everyone, there is no escape. There is no doubt that by the end of 2022, except for another variant, I believe that almost all the population for good or bad will encounter this variant.” The undersecretary of health, Pierpaolo Sileri, thus responds to Domenica In, on Rai1. “It will reach everyone. Then there are those who are vaccinated and those who are not vaccinated,” says Sileri. “We will have to live with a virus. I don’t know if Omicron will be the dominant variant. How often will we have to get vaccinated? Science will tell. It is likely that we need an upgrade of the vaccine we have, it is possible that there are other variants,” he continues. . In recent days, the debate has developed on the possibility of modifying the daily data bulletin and in particular on the distinction between hospitalizations of the sick and of the positives. “I agree on the need for a review that can be done within a couple of weeks with the distinction between positive and sick. Today the Delta variant is still in circulation, we also go to intensive care with the Omicron variant. ” who need care in a critical area.

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