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Mafia, Captain Ultimo: “A fearless hunt, so we took Riina”


“I felt what it feels like in battle, the desire to win, the desire to find an invisible enemy and then become invisible to find an invisible enemy and take it. And we did it with strength “. Words of Colonel Sergio de Caprio, alias ‘Capitano Ultimo’, in the special on the arrest of Totò Riina broadcast on ‘Ultimo TV’ on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the capture of the ‘boss of bosses’, which took place on January 15, 1993 (VIDEO ). An exclusive interview with the ‘Capitano Ultimo’ made by the director Ambrogio Crespi, who manages the ‘Ultimo Tv’ channel in streaming on social media. The investigations that led to Riina’s arrest were carried out using the method of Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa perfected by General Mario Mori, months of shadowing and operational meetings every evening. “The technique of General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa – says Ultimo – is a technique that must be internalized and then practiced according to the sensibilities of each fighter, then each one then practices it according to his own characteristics. It is a question of internalizing and practicing above all clandestinity and compartmentalisation, which are the most difficult things but are the decisive factors of every fight, of every real fight, not rigged, practiced on the street. We did it in a simple way. The most important aspects were this technique combined with the information profile, the information results that the collaborator Balduccio Di Maggio provided us. Putting together the information indications and the shadowing that we had carried out, we understood that there was this objective in via Bernini 54 where we had lost Domenico Ganci in a shadowing and where there was an Enel user of these Sansone brothers. Balduccio Di Maggio used to say: ‘Rina keeps it either the Hooks of the Noce or the Sansone brothers from Passo di Rigano’. This is why we understood that that goal was important in fact we managed to capture Riina ”. Waiting and patience, observation and reflection were the weapons of victory of the team commanded by Captain Last. “Waiting is a fundamental aspect of our business – continues Ultimo -, waiting makes you change the relationship with time, it’s like when you prepare an ambush, the minutes become hours and paradoxically the hours become minutes. Wait, patience, is what pushes a fighter to stay still for days and days on an indication, on an element. It is a hunt, and you can only win the hunt if you have patience. I remember this waiting, which is the everyday waiting for each investigation, and fear is a concept that does not belong to you when you fight, fear is a luxury that can be afforded by those who are far from the struggle, from the frontier, from direct action. So no fear, you have it either before or after the action, during the action you are concentrated, you have to fight and you have to get all your fighters home healthy, unharmed. This is the most important thing”. “With Riina in the car and prisoner – remembers De Caprio -, together with the Viking I only thought of the need to remain invisible, not to attract attention in the daily traffic of Palermo. I thought about the device, the coverage, the protection that others had to give us and above all the fact that everyone remained in the positions I had assigned to them and that I assigned to them in the movement. You don’t think about many things, you are always focused on the action. Then the satisfaction comes later, you understand that you have reached your goal and you are preparing for the next goal. “” After Rina’s arrest – reminds Ultimo again – the death threats arrived, the collaborators of justice arrived , Salvatore Cancemi, Gioacchino La Barbera, Lo Piccolo, Anselmo Francesco Paolo, Calogero Gangi, and they began to say that there were specific plans to capture and kill the ‘Capitano Ultimo’ established by the entire dome of the Cosa Nostra association, and therefore we worked more carefully, we reinforced my device and continued the fight. We went looking for them while they looked for me. And it was a good battle ”. “Rina was the head of Cosa Nostra – underlines Ultimo -, she was the person in charge of the massacres, the person in charge of the criminal policy planned and organized by this organization, she was responsible for the death of General Dalla Chiesa, of the judges Falcone and Borsellino, of many carabinieri, of many other unknown magistrates who gave their lives for the common good. And therefore he represented an important enemy and we took him ”. In 2017, a request for deferral of sentence was made for Riina for health reasons. The Supervisory Court of Bologna denies it. “When they wanted to let Riina out – explains De Caprio – I understood the danger of taking certain concepts for granted, certain knowledge about the Cosa Nostra association that over time have lost sharing in civil society. The work done by Falcone and Borsellino and by many others was crumbling. The peculiarity and serious danger that the Cosa Nostra association represents were underestimated. There have been campaigns to de-legitimize the state and minimize the responsibility of Cosa Nostra in the season of the massacres that were bearing fruit and are bearing fruit. We have to start all over again to make people understand what are the underlying mechanisms of this criminal organization and never lower the defenses. This is a serious problem and we must face it wisely ”. “With the arrest of Riina, the decline of the structure of the Corleonese group that ran Cosa Nostra in an absolute way began – observes Ultimo -, Cosa Nostra evolves in children, grandchildren, in kinship ties, in blood ties from which they find new life, evolve and give continuity to the criminal action, and we must give continuity to the action of contrast, of struggle that the General taught us by the Church not by destroying the units and men who fight according to his principles but by protecting them and making them grow and give it continuity. This is the big problem, this is the grave responsibility that the sick leaders of some institutions have ”. Finally, Ultimo sends a message to the young recruits, to the new ones: “To the young carabinieri, to the young magistrates, I who am nobody, in my humility and in my nothingness, I want to give advice, but more than anything else prayer: give yourselves for the good common, sacrifice yourselves without wanting anything in return, practice the sacrifice that does not pay, because in the end there is nothing more beautiful to be able to fight in the name of the Italian people ”. “The relationship I have with hawks and eagles – concludes Ultimo – is a relationship of love, the love that comes from sharing their flight, their freedom. In reality they take my heart, carry it above the clouds and show me what the eyes of men can never see ”.

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