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Omicron variant, Brusaferro: “It will replace Delta”


“We are still in a pandemic, in a phase of very significant growth in infections whose peak is not expected and the endemization of the virus is a possible scenario, but not current”. This was stated by Silvio Brusaferro, full professor of Hygiene at the University of Udine, president of the Higher Institute of Health and member of the CTS, to ‘La Stampa’. “We are still in a pandemic, in a new phase characterized by the Omicron variant which has reached 80 percent of the infections and by almost 90 percent of the vaccinated population. This combination, despite the very significant growth of the infection and the significant impact on health service, makes the picture less serious than it would have been without vaccines and measures in place “. The hope is that at some point vaccinated and cured they will create a wall against Omicron? “Of course, if the number of people susceptible to the virus is reduced, the Rt contagion rate will drop. The problem is that Omicron can also infect some vaccinated people, albeit with less probability. Will Omicron live with Delta? . “Instead of discussing what will happen, we need to look at the data and prepare for any news with vaccination coverage, drugs and monitoring,” he adds. The third dose, meanwhile, “protects very well from serious illness, its duration is being studied and it is too early to talk about the fourth”.

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