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Yellow and orange zone, regions that change color tomorrow: new rules


Campania in the yellow zone and Valle d’Aosta in orange from tomorrow, Monday 17 January. The color map in Italy therefore changes again, with most of the regions now in the yellow band. Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed the ordinance in light of the flow of data from the monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), the Ministry of Health and the Regions. The Omicron variant continues to run and the infections that do not fall below 180 thousand. According to the bulletin released yesterday in 24 hours, 180,426 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Italy and 308 deaths. The ordinance provides that Campania – which “has an incidence of infections equal to 2280.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, an occupancy rate of beds in the medical area equal to 25.8% and an occupancy rate of beds in intensive care equal to 10.6% – will remain yellow for 15 days. While Valle d’Aosta – which “has an incidence of infections equal to 3087.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, an occupancy rate of beds in the area 53.5% and an ICU bed occupancy rate of 21.2% – will be orange for two weeks If there is little change between white and orange, switching to orange or red leads to stricter measures . On the change of color, the president of the Valle d’Aosta Region Erik Lavevaz commented: “The careful analysis of the data relating to hospitalizations leads us to severe reflections on the choice not to get vaccinated. In fact, it emerges that of the totality of Covid positives treated in our hospital the vast majority (42 people) either do not have the vaccine or have been vaccinated in an ineffective way (for more than 120 days). It is particularly striking that 6 of the 7 Covid patients in intensive care did not receive the vaccine. getting vaccinated is a choice of a few, but it can have serious consequences for everyone “. “The hospital situation would be radically different if the entire population were vaccinated. With the rules in force – he added – very small numbers on hospitalizations can change the position of the Region: getting vaccinated today is more than ever a sign of responsibility and solidarity, to which we are all called without distinction if we want to contribute to the restart of the Aosta Valley. ”White, yellow and orange zone: what changes With the new measures imposed by the government and valid until 31 January 2022, there are few differences between the white and yellow zones. of the main differences between these two areas until now was the obligation to wear the mask also outdoors. With the latest government decree it was established to extend this measure. The use of the mask has been ‘reinforced’ throughout Italy since to access public transport, trains, airplanes, cinemas, theaters it is necessary to wear the Ffp2. And this until the end of the state of emergency, which at the moment is fixed at March 31. Until the end of the state of emergency, the Christmas decree also provides for the extension of the obligation of a reinforced Green Pass – for vaccinated or recovered people – to catering for consumption even at the counter in bars and restaurants. Extension of the obligation of a reinforced Green Pass indoors for swimming pools, gyms and team sports, but also for museums and exhibitions. Super Green Pass indoors for wellness centers, spas (except for essential levels of assistance and rehabilitation or therapeutic activities), theme and amusement parks, for cultural centers, social and recreational centers (excluding educational centers for children ) indoors and for gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos. It has been established that until January 31, 2022, events, parties and concerts, whatever their name, which involve gatherings in open spaces, are prohibited; the dance halls, discos and similar venues will be closed, where events, concerts or parties, however called, are held, open to the public. you can move both to other municipalities in the same region and to other regions only for work, needs, health or for services that are not suspended but not available in your municipality. On the other hand, it is ok to move from municipalities with a maximum of 5,000 inhabitants, to other municipalities within 30 km, except for the provincial capital. The situation changes also with regard to ski resorts: the reinforced Green pass becomes necessary. Bars and restaurants are open only for those with the Super green pass, not for those with a basic certificate thanks to a swab. Here the table with the activities allowed area by area.

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