• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Latina, beaten by her daughter’s partner: she dies in hospital


Jan 15, 2022

A 44-year-old was arrested last night by the agents of the flying squad and the flying squad for the murder of his partner’s mother in Latina. The man is under investigation for the very serious injuries which, late yesterday evening, led to the woman’s death with the consequent aggravation of his position. As reconstructed by the police, the events took place inside an apartment in the suburbs: yesterday afternoon the victim’s daughter, returning home, found her mother in agony and with clear signs of trauma injuries. In the house he had also found his companion who had not been able to report, in that circumstance, the causes of the injury. Immediately called for help, the woman was transported to the hospital and underwent a delicate surgery to remove a large brain hematoma, but there was nothing to be done and she died a few hours later. flying, who in the meantime had intervened in the victim’s apartment to acquire useful elements for the reconstruction of the facts, found themselves grappling with the agitated reaction of the suspect, who however refused to wear the anti-Covid mask, so much so that as a result of the resistance opposed to public officials he was taken to the police station. According to the very first investigations of the police, there were indications that the man would have beaten the woman, for reasons still unclear, until she was ruined on the ground, thus causing her the serious injuries that would then have caused her death. The investigations coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Latina continue to reconstruct the entire affair. The man is under arrest at the disposal of the competent judicial authority.