• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Winter on standby, days in full sun: until when


Jan 15, 2022

Winter on standby with sunshine and good weather. From the weekend and for at least 10 days, Italy will be literally engulfed by a huge high pressure field, the Azores anticyclone. Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it warns that “during the weekend the weather in Italy will be stable and largely sunny; some greater cloud densification may affect Sicily and Calabria. Local mists or fog banks will limit visibility on the plain Padana “. “The strengthening of the high pressure will increase temperatures that will reach peaks of 13-15 ° C in the Center-South and in the Alpine valleys during the day. This situation – explains the meteorologist – will last also next week, and even if around 20 -21 the influx of cold air from the Balkans will occur, the anticyclone will not let go, guaranteeing total atmospheric stability over most of the regions. Only towards the end of the month, roughly in conjunction with the traditional ‘days of the blackbird’ , icy air from Russia could reach Italy causing temperatures to drop across the country “. IN DETAILSaturday 15. In the north: partly cloudy sky. Middle: good weather. In the south: more clouds over inland Calabria and northern Sicily. Sunday 16th. In the north: often overcast skies in Liguria, sunny elsewhere. Center: many clouds over northern Tuscany, clear skies elsewhere. In the south: sunny Monday 17: In the north: fogs over the Po Valley, sun prevailing elsewhere. Center: alternation between clouds and bright spells, in an always stable context. South: all sun.