• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Varese, teaches for 21 years with a false degree: assets seized for 350 thousand euros


Jan 15, 2022

He has been teaching for 21 years with a bogus degree. It happens in the province of Varese where the financiers of the Provincial Command, as delegated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, have executed a preventive seizure decree issued by the judicial authority with which the seizure was ordered, also for an equivalent amount of € 350,000, a sum referable to the salary from the public bodies in charge as well as the sums paid by the INPS as unemployment benefit and severance pay to a teacher in the province of Varese who has exercised her work by presenting a false certificate attesting to the achievement of a degree, a mandatory requirement for both permanent and temporary teaching in lower secondary school. The execution of the real precautionary measure led to the seizure of financial resources equal to 166,000 euros present on the deposits and bank current accounts of the suspect as well as 8 land, 2 garages, 2 deposits and 1 apartment with nine rooms as well as a vehicle and to a motor vehicle. The judicial measure came at the end of the investigations conducted by the Varese Guardia di Finanza Group following which the teacher was reported to the Varese judicial authority for fraud and for use of a false document as the same , having obtained the inclusion in the ‘Provincial substitute rankings in the schools located in the province of Varese’ starting from the year 2000, has continuously carried out annual substitutions in various local schools using the false degree. in particular, the activities of the economic-financial police had been aimed, on the one hand, at verifying the degree certificate that the she presented herself to schools and which later turned out to be false as the teacher had never even enrolled at the university where, as she attested, she had obtained a degree with 110 cum laude and, on the other, the reconstruction of the assets unlawfully accumulated by the suspect.