• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Palermo, false Covid vaccinations: another nurse arrested


Jan 15, 2022

False Covid vaccinations at the Palermo hub, another nurse arrested. Last night the State Police, in particular the Digos of the Palermo Police Headquarters, carried out, by delegation from the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office, an ordinance for the application of the measure of house arrest, issued by the Gip of Palermo against a nurse of the ‘“Fiera del Mediterraneo” vaccination hub, which allegedly made itself responsible for false ideology and embezzlement. The woman, who also works as a nurse at the Infectious Diseases Department of Arnas “Civico” in Palermo, is accused of having benefited from a false vaccination concerning the booster dose against Covid-19 and of having also practiced, during a shift service at the same hub, false vaccination inoculations against the same virus, against two spouses adhering to no vax positions. The restrictive order “is the result of the investigation which, under the constant coordination of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo, had led to the arrest, last December, of another nurse from the same vaccination hub, which would have been made responsible for corruption, false ideology and embezzlement, for false vaccinations carried out in favor of eleven subjects, including a well-known leader of the no vax movement, currently subjected to a precautionary measure in prison “. the “Fiera del Mediterraneo”, and with the contribution of the Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency for the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo, made it possible to reconstruct that the false vaccination that the suspect would have benefited from would have been practiced by the colleague nurse who was arrested as a crime suspect last December, and the suspect would then carry out two false vaccinations in favor of a married couple i – under investigation for involvement in embezzlement and false ideology -, following the same operating method adopted by the colleague: the spilling of the vaccine dose in a square of gauze and a fake injection, practiced on the user’s arm. Further investigations are underway aimed at identifying other similar false vaccinations.