• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Csm, Morra: “Davigo on the stairs showed me only Ardita’s name”


May 9, 2021

“Piercamillo Davigo invited me to come out of his study and showed me the minutes in the stairwell at Palazzo dei Marescialli. I was shown a folder of printed papers. But Davigo only showed me the name of Ardita ”. Thus the president of the anti-mafia commission Nicola Morra to ‘Non è arenena’ on La7 regarding the case of the reports of Piero Amara. “With the elections of the last CSM there had been an important success of Autonomia e Indipendenza, the current founded by Davigo and in which Sebastiano Ardita was also present. With this ‘diabolical’ operation – added Morra – a front has cracked and the ocelots of an old system have returned behind the scenes ”. “Following the news of the break within the Autonomy and Independence group, on my own initiative I tried to reason with Dr. Davigo and Dr. Ardita, to reconstruct a picture that seemed particularly convincing to me because it had to eradicate the current system. For this reason I asked Dr. Davigo for an audience “explained Morra. “I noticed that towards Dr. Ardita there was a sort of closure and a mistrust that could not be explained by the previous experience. Davigo told me to be careful with Ardita”.