• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Pink Ffp2 Police Masks, Sap: “Indecent for the uniform”


Jan 14, 2022

“It seemed only right to write to the Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini, since supplies of pink Ffp2 have arrived in some provinces. In this moment in which, the use of the aforementioned devices has become mandatory, on many more occasions than the provisions of the previous decree law, it seemed undesirable for the uniform to receive protection devices such as those reached in some provinces “. Thus Stefano Paoloni, secretary general of Sap, who sent a letter to the head of the police to bring to attention the “unusual” supply of pink Ffp2 masks that is taking place in “numerous police stations, including Pavia, Varese, Ferrara, Syracuse and Venice “. “The problem – he explains in a note – does not arise from a prejudice on color, but from the fact that the use of the uniform is regulated. ‘Institution to which you belong “.