• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Mother on trial for assault committed in front of her daughter


Jan 14, 2022

The court of Civitavecchia ordered the indictment of UK, the forty-year-old who, on December 5, 2020, had attacked Antonietta Danieli, an eighty-year-old invalid, in the garden of her home in Fiumicino. The woman, of Mongolian origin, a nomadic people of Central Asia, and a resident of Savona, had gone to Fiumicino to visit her seven-year-old daughter F., whom the court had placed to live with her father at her grandmother’s home. paternal. After picking it up for the weekend, the woman entered the property from the garden gate and tried to break into the house, repeatedly kicking the front door, pressing on the handle to try to force it, threatening to beat the old lady, now in a strong state of anxiety, and ordering her to go outside to face each other physically. Scenes of violence even more serious because they were perpetrated in front of the woman’s minor daughter, who, being pulled and dragged by her mother, albeit in tears and a state of shock, had witnessed not only the woman’s actions towards her grandmother, but also the consequent police operations. Three police cars and carabinieri intervened on the spot, alerted by the son of the lady and father of the child, worried about the physical and psychological safety of both. In an attempt to quell the situation, in fact, the man was beaten with kicks and slaps, always under the eyes of the child. In addition to physical violence, in fact, there was a serious psychological abuse against the elderly lady, who lived her last months of life in terror of new attacks until, last July 19, during a new visit by Ulaan in Rome, he died of a heart attack. The woman, accused of serious threats, unauthorized access to private property, family mistreatment and private violence, will therefore have to return to answer before the courts for her behavior and its consequences.