• Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

Covid Italia, Cts: “Data Bulletin remains daily”


Jan 14, 2022

According to what is learned, at the end of today’s meeting on the subject The bulletin of the Ministry of Health with the new coronavirus infections, the number of victims and data on hospitalizations must remain daily. This is the opinion expressed by the Scientific Technical Committee, according to what has been learned, at the end of today’s meeting on the subject. Theme at the center of the debate among experts. The daily bulletin of coronavirus infections “is required of us by international treaties and the WHO. For our international obligations, we must give the number every day and communicate this number to the whole world and to all international organizations”, he clarified to ‘L the air that Minister Speranza’s adviser, Walter Ricciardi, draws on La7. “We cannot fail to classify all infections and communicate them to international institutions. Then – underlines the expert – how much and how this list of infections is communicated is a different thing. There are countries that do it in one way, countries that do it in another, but this is part of the communication not of the data collection which for us – he reiterates – is mandatory “.