• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

School, Giannelli (principals): “Self-test students like abroad? How to throw the coin”


Jan 14, 2022

Student covid self-test as is already done in various European countries such as France, England and Germany and as suggested by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control? “I refer to the evaluation of Italian doctors. So far they have said that they are 50% reliable, so it’s like throwing a coin. It is useless to continue to take an example from foreign practices, not validated by our authorities”. This was stated by the president of the National Association of Principals Antonello Giannelli who, responding to the Adnkronos on the possibility, as in Switzerland, of returning to class without a tampon if asymptomatic for at least 48 hours (but also after at least 5 days from positivity), states: “This it is another question. If our health authority deems it possible, I will be happy to acknowledge it. I am for the streamlining of procedures in the pandemic, but not if they involve risks “” Reliability is low on self-tests, so I tend to Don’t trust me. Otherwise, of course, the tool could be useful “, explains the trade unionist. Among other things, “there are some critical points: how do you make sure that the test has been performed correctly? Also there is the problem of checking the attestation of the test. Self-evaluation is completely unrelated to our culture “, he concludes.