• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Covid, asymptomatic and hospitalizations: what Ricciardi, Bassetti and Cartabellotta say


Jan 14, 2022

Coronavirus infections in Italy, spotlight on the daily bulletin, on hospitalizations and on the count of asymptomatic cases. A circular from the Ministry of Health, ready but which could undergo changes to what Adnkronos Health learns, responds positively to the requests of the Regions on changes to the calculation of Covid cases and provides that “patients hospitalized for reasons other than Covid that test positive for coronavirus but asymptomatic – reads the circular – if assigned in isolation to the ward of the disease, they will be counted as a Covid ‘case’ but will not be counted among the hospitalizations of the ‘Covid Medical Area’, stopped while respecting the principle of separation of paths and patient safety “. Read also For Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health and professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University, “the important thing is that this classification is transparent, truthful and understandable, and above all aims at one goal: to give those who have to make decisions the updated picture of the contagion situation, of the clinical cases going to hospital, of the deaths and of the whole situation as if it were a dashboard of indicators that helps to make the best decisions “he tells the microphones of ‘L’Aria che tira’ su La7. All this must be done “however – Ricciardi warns – not hiding important parameters or indicators from this dashboard. The important thing is that this dashboard is complete and well communicated, this is certainly the path that both the ministry and the CTS will follow”. “I have been repeating this for quite some time: anyone who is in hospital and is asymptomatic for respiratory disease from Covid, but has a positive swab without having any compatible symptoms, should be considered on a par with all the other patients – he reiterates. Adnkronos Health Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino hospital in Genoa – It must be isolated, clearly, but it cannot be considered as a Covid pathology and placed in the daily bulletin “. “It takes greater dynamism on the part of the Ministry of Health and the CTS in acknowledging the messages that arrive from those who are in the field – adds Bassetti – There is a distance between those who are in the Roman bureaucratic rooms and those who are in the field managing the sick . Let’s say what we see in our hospitals: putting the symptomatic and the asymptomatic all together is wrong. To count for the coloration criteria of the regions only those who have signs and symptoms from Covid “, is the opinion of the infectious disease specialist. According to Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, “separating Covid-19 patients hospitalized for different causes has enormous margins of discretion and ignores that Covid-19 is a multi-systemic disease. It is better to eliminate the system of color regions” writes Cartabellotta on Twitter. “If the goal is to understand the sustainability of the National Health Service in the face of the pandemic, the level of stress on the system, then it is right to count only the hospitalizations of symptomatic patients – comments Mauro Pistello, director of the Unit to Adnkronos Health virology operative of the Pisan university hospital – It is this group that can tell us in which direction we are going, the level of hospitalization and mortality. We will also be able to understand if this wave is really turning into a flu or is it still too soon “. “If the number of symptoms remains high and the more accurate analysis of the data still highlights a serious disease, we could draw conclusions – he underlines – If instead we have a different picture, for example a disease in a milder form than Delta, then we could to say that Omicron is veering towards a flu-like form. ”