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Iss: “Asymptomatic should be counted among covid cases”


Jan 13, 2022

Asymptomatic positives are counted among covid cases. The ISS clarifies this while the topic is at the center of the debate, especially on the initiative of the regions. “The definition of a surveillance case must contain the positives, and not only the cases with the most indicative symptoms of Covid-19 (respiratory symptoms, high fever, altered taste and smell, etc.)”, explains the Higher Institute of Health in a ‘ featured ‘on your site. Read also “Experience has shown – we read – that most infections, particularly in vaccinated subjects, proceed asymptomatically or with very nuanced symptoms. Not monitoring these cases would limit our ability to identify emerging variants, their characteristics, and we could not know the clinical status that follows the infection in the different populations (for example by age, vaccination status, comorbidities) “.” Furthermore, it would not make it possible to monitor the trend of the circulation of the virus over time and, of consequently, the risks of a worsening impact on the ability to maintain adequate levels of health care even for diseases other than Covid-19 “, the ISS continues.” The importance of monitoring cases through surveillance should not be confused with the criteria with where the indications for cases and contacts are decided “, specifies the Higher Institute of Health which in some Faqs some elements at the center of the debate of these It is true that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc) has recently changed the case definition used for the surveillance of Sars-CoV-2 infections and / or cases of Covid-19 disease ? “No – replies the ISS – The definition of the case used for surveillance is the same since December 2020 and is available online on the centre’s website. With a view to returning to normal after the end of the pandemic emergency, the ECDC suggested in a document dated October 18, 2021 a future transition to a syndromic surveillance system, similar to the one currently used for influenza. “But the case definition used in epidemiological surveillance defines self-surveillance and quarantine measures ? “No. The definition of case used for national epidemiological surveillance – continues the ISS – does not include contacts of confirmed cases and the same surveillance does not monitor their progress over time. Therefore, the definition of case used in surveillance does not cover no role in defining self-surveillance and quarantine measures. As proof of this, the ECDC on January 7, 2022 updated its indications relating to quarantine and isolation, without changing the definition of case used for epidemiological surveillance “. , does the case definition used in epidemiological surveillance define isolation measures? “No. Although they have in common a need for diagnostic confirmation that makes use of antigenic and molecular tests – concludes the ISS – a positive case according to the definition of surveillance is evaluated on the basis of a series of criteria, reported in the circular of the ministry. della Salute of 30 December 2021, to define the different methods of isolation “.

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