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Prof no vax Tutino: “My exemption for hunger strike has opened a passage, many are joining”


Jan 13, 2022

“I have lost almost six kilos, according to the doctor I must stop as soon as possible because I risk a series of complications that occur in a chain and would be difficult to stop. I have moments of weakness, but I will continue: to quote Draghi, ‘whatever it takes’ (costs whatever it costs, ed) “. This was stated at Adnkronos by Davide Tutino, the philosophy professor on hunger strike against the obligation of the green pass and vaccine imposed by the government. The professor, who has been fasting for 15 days as a form of protest and demonstrates in front of Palazzo Chigi, was temporarily exonerated by the doctor and obtained a postponement due to his health conditions. “I went to the vaccination hub to find out if it was possible or not to get vaccinated according to the law, or with the existence of a medical prescription, which does not exist, and in the possibility of having real information on what is being inoculated, on his real target and its real dangers. My hunger strike forced the doctor, at the time of the medical history, to evaluate the dangers and decide on the postponement “. The doctor, explains Tutino, “was thus freed from his bureaucratic function and returned to his role as a doctor. The doctor-patient relationship was restored, which had been interrupted, putting an end to millennia of medical history, because the state is replaced by the doctor “. All this has done” the small miracle of opening a passage in the middle of the obligation for those who do not want to vaccinate – the teacher explains – There are many who follow us, and we are trying to organize them, just write to the email [email protected] “. Tutino is keen to clarify: “It being understood that this is not a solution but an instrument of struggle. It has given many the possibility to get there to receive an exemption or a deferral, and in any case it keeps them in their constitutional rights”, he points out. . And he quotes Marco Pannella: “‘If the future has memory’ perhaps in the history books they will describe it as a form of non-violent boycott, in reality it is a form of affirmation of conscience.” his health situation could have consequences due to fasting: “What matters now is that this hunger is not mine, it is the hunger both of those 40 thousand who are removed from work for political reasons, and of the 50 million Italians who are condemned to totalitarianism that asserts itself day by day, “he says. And he recounts the situation in the high school where he works after his readmission: “At the moment, as exempt, they have to check if I am in a condition to stay in class and therefore we will have to wait for the occupational doctor to declare me fit to stay in class. When I’ll go back to where we left off, to the disobedience of Socrates “. How long are you willing to physically expose yourself to such a hard test? “I will go on as long as there is need, until this fasting has created the conditions for disobedience and non-violence to assert themselves as the tool that can save both the persecuted by this regime and the persecutors. , freeing the latter from the hateful role of executioners that imprisons them “.

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