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Denise Pipitone, mother Piera: “First ok to the investigation commission is light at the end of the tunnel”


Jan 13, 2022

Now “a light at the end of the tunnel” mom Piera really sees it. The first ok to the commission of inquiry into the disappearance of Denise Pipitone, of whom there has been no news since 1 September 2004, “lights up a hope”, he tells Adnkronos, even if, he immediately adds, “we do not hope we never lost it. ” The provision, which received the green light from the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber, will be sent to the Chamber and it will be up to the conference of group leaders to schedule it. “We want to get some clarity and, above all, truth, what is missing in this whole affair – underlines Piera Maggio -. I thank all the politicians who have spent their time in this cause, to recognize that this case deserves a little light is important “. In recent weeks, the investigating judge of Marsala, accepting the request of the prosecutor, has ordered the filing of the new investigation into the disappearance of the child, which took place when Denise was not even four years old. “It does not mean that when news emerges, the investigation cannot be reopened”, emphasizes mother Piera, recalling how “the same prosecutor Piscitello assured me and Pietro (Denise’s father, ed) that he will never stop looking the truth. We are here to wait. We do not give up. ” A search for the truth that has lasted almost 18 years. “The absence of culprits, not having brought to justice those who kidnapped Denise is a disappointment, not only for us parents, but for all Italians – he underlines -. The children do not disappear into thin air and everyone knows that Denise was intentionally taken. and not by any man, by the person passing through, but by those who knew that that little girl was Denise. An abominable and cowardly gesture, because whoever did it took advantage of the naivety of a girl of almost four years “. A plan designed, therefore, for mother Piera to hit her baby and herself. “We have always been convinced – he continues – that behind this story there is no monster on duty, any child thief and I think everyone has understood this. In 17 years no one else has been kidnapped in Mazara del Vallo. Denise hasn’t she autonomously decided to leave home, she was not swallowed by the earth, she was not taken by aliens, it was not the pedophile on duty or the gypsy who kidnapped her “. The hope of hugging her again is not lost. “Denise must be sought alive until proven otherwise and, above all, the guilty ones must be sought because from there we will go back to the whole truth – he concludes -. We continue to be positive and to move forward in his search. We are happy for this new political commitment around The story of Denise deserves clarity, it is due to her: we need to give a voice to those who cannot shout and Denise, unfortunately, cannot ask for help now “. (by Rossana Lo Castro)

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