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Legality: Meritocrazia Italia, ‘enhancing virtuous models such as Falcone and Borsellino’


Jan 13, 2022

“One of the best ways to foster the spread of the culture of legality and the ethics of respect is the enhancement of the virtuous model of the many great Italians who have made legality a lifestyle, giving up easy earnings and sometimes at the cost of the sacrifice of own well-being, for coherence of life. Figures that deserve to be promoted in the knowledge of their experiences “. So a note from Meritocrazia Italia. “Hence – explains the note – the proposal to create, publish and disseminate, by schools, education and training centers and libraries, a list of books, theatrical and musical works and targeted films, divided by recommended age groups and reference area, in order to allow teachers and parents to more easily identify the material to be used to stimulate debate and comparison on the subject of legality and honesty [https://www.meritocrazia.eu/la-cultura-della-legalita/]”.” For a few days – notes the note – a special 2 Euro coin has been in circulation showing the smiling faces of Judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, minted on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of their death. The coin, the work of Valerio De Seta, shows in the engraving the famous photo of Tony Gentile, taken a few months before the tragic attacks of 1992, and, at the top, in evidence, «Falcone – Borsellino». A useful and original way to highlight the image of men of value, who unfortunately end up being anti-heroes in a social context in which, on the other hand, it is the negative characters that fascinate the masses, the bad ones have greater appeal. of fairy tales’. With their determination, their courage and their sacrifice, Falcone and Borsellino have borne a great testimony, of love for their work, of the struggle for truth and for Justice, waging a merciless battle against organized crime, d ‘obstacle, at various levels, to the social and civil progress of the country “.” The well-known photograph – continues the note from Meritocrazia Italia – hides a story that ideally starts from February 1980, when Paolo Borsellino, with the help of the Captain of the Carabinieri Emanuele Basile (assassinated in the same year by the mafia), faced and concluded with important arrests the first investigation into the Cosa Nostra. In that same year, on the occasion of the investigation linked to international drug trafficking, the name of Paolo Borsellino is linked to that of other magistrates (Rocco Chinnici, Giovanni Barrile and Giovanni Falcone): the first step of that teamwork that it will then lead to the Anti-Mafia pool. A war without quarter between the state and the mafia, between increasingly restrictive laws, initiatives of courage and reactions of ferocious brutality on the part of crime. Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, Ninni Cassarà, Mario Trapassi, Salvatore Bartolotta, Stefano Li Sacchi and the Head of the Antimafia pool Rocco Chinnici are just some of the victims. Often unspoken and never sufficiently remembered examples of Men whose perseverance, dedication and determination have allowed the State not to succumb. “To them – continues Meritocrazia Italia – we owe the emergence of the mafia phenomenon, its relations with the institutions and, above all , the recognition that the Cosa Nostra, far from being a vague and indefinite entity, is a real criminal organization, with its very own summit and structure, which it is possible to fight and win. Giovanni Falcone was assassinated in Capaci on May 23, 1992. Paolo Borsellino was killed in via d’Amelio on July 19, 1992. But, taking up Falcone’s words, ‘men pass, ideas remain and continue to walk on the legs of other men’. to honor the sacrifice of these great and make the best of their example is to continue to circulate their ideas, their faces and their example by talking about them in the schools and circles of the c civil community, so that young people can find inspiration from their ideal “, concludes Meritocrazia Italia.

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