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Covid Italy, Regions request: asymptomatic out of case calculation


Jan 13, 2022

“The Regions will ask to adopt the ECDC guidelines” for the definition of the ‘covid case’. The governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, turns the spotlight on the debate that becomes central while the Omicron variant drags the curve of covid infections and can determine the passage of a region from the white area to the yellow, orange or red one. “The ECDC, the official European body, clarifies that two criteria must be met: the subject must have respiratory diseases or flu symptoms and must test positive for a swab, antigenic or molecular. The patient who is positive but without symptoms is not a coincidence. says the ECDC. This changes the history of covid, some countries have already begun to face the debate. What is the perplexity? If there are so many asymptomatic positives, there is a risk that the asymptomatic will infect anyway. It seems to us, on the basis of the data, that the percentage of symptomatic patients or at least of those who have evident clinical signs is decreasing. The Regions will ask to adopt the ECDC guidelines “, says Zaia in the traditional press point. Read also The definition of ‘covid case’ also has an impact on the number of hospitalizations, another parameter that can move a region from one area to another. “The parturient who enters the hospital and is positive in the screening is included among the positive patients. These are people who are in the hospital for other reasons, not for the covid. The typical case, more frequent, is precisely that of the parturient. We. we ask that this share of patients, which is not very large but weighs on the passage from area to area, be removed from the statistics. A lady who goes to the hospital to give birth, is positive but has no symptoms, it is not a case for the ECDC lines. of course, nothing is being trivialized “, he highlights. The issue is already being raised by other regions. Lombardy has announced that from tomorrow, Friday 14 January, it will be ready to distinguish covid admissions from those of positive patients who are in hospital for other diseases. For the moment, pending information requested from the Ministry of Health, the flow of data will be unique. The employment rates of non-critical area wards and intensive care – underlines the Welfare Department – constitute, with the incidence of cases, parameters for defining the possible passage of a region from the white area to the yellow area (currently occupied by Lombardy ), orange or red. “From Friday 14 January, the Lombardy Region will be able to distinguish, within the ‘positive Covid admissions’ of its hospitals, which admissions refer directly to a ‘Covid-dependent’ disease (pneumonia and serious insufficiencies respiratory) and which instead refer to patients hospitalized for other diseases and then found positive for the pre-admission swab “, explains the Region.” This – reads the note – is aimed at giving a more realistic and objective representation of the pressure on hospitals caused by Covid. For now, having not yet received new indications in this regard from the ministry as per our request, the transferred flow will still be now ‘unique’, thus devoid of the distinction specified above “.

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