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Covid Campania, De Luca: “I’m terrified of nightlife”


“I am in favor of closures at midnight, I am terrified of the nightlife. The vaccination campaign in Italy had some limitations: first of all the ‘half measures’ which were useless, which we did not bother to have a production of vaccines in Italy and finally the lack of a territorial security plan “. This was stated by the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo De Luca, guest of ‘Half an hour more’ on Raitre. As for vaccines, “in the distribution in Campania it must be said that in January it was decided, all together, to first send more doses to regions with older populations. We agreed, however, with the understanding that by April Campania recovered the less doses of vaccines he had not received. General Figliuolo said an important thing: ‘from now on we will distribute a vaccine on the basis of the principle a citizen’ but this criterion was not followed. In April we did not recover the 200,000 fewer doses of vaccine, which we had not had before. This is very serious, because it is a violation of the equal rights of citizens. Doubly serious because it weighs on the region with the highest population density in Italy, “said De Luca. “We have the utmost respect for the Covid commissioner who is a decent person but we must respect the rights and rules of all citizens. To date we are still 194,000 doses less in Campania, according to the to population “, concluded De Luca.

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